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Im really liking the look of this. It with the dock might be the replacement for my XOOM unless the original Transformer becomes a steal with the dock vs. the price of this. Quad Core isnt a huge priority but the extra battery life & real keyboard are

rufflez says:

I'll sell you my transformer so I can get this... with the dock. Hell, I'll throw in a mouse, too ;)

heraldo says:

Looks good

JQ says:

Its Damn Sexy!!!!!!! I cant wait to get one!

gaguy says:

Careful, this design looks too much like any existing modern tablet (And the iPad). It's ripe for a lawsuit!

Sawerin says:

Even if its an iPad running Android - I still want it!

plunder says:

It would be interesting to meet the ASUS design team. They may not have the polish and and depth of the Apple team; but they REALLY get it done - and they are evolving quickly, without loosing the freedom to experiment and stay playful. Such a good mob.

Recent ASUS products have an aspirational look and feel. This is not just a company making mother-boards any more, they have style. I think the Cupertino team would like the ASUS team a lot, I think they would respect them.

People often buy Apple because they like the style; they can love their iPhone. I think ASUS have a shot at that kind of brand enthusiasm; I instinctively like them.