Contest winners

The random number generator has spoken, and it's time to announce the winners of the Tegra 3 tablets from NVIDIA and Phosphor Games. The contest was a great way to kick off the launch of Dark Meadow: The Pact, which is one of the most stunning mobile games we've ever played thanks to the 4-PLUS-1 science of the Tegra 3, and the genius developers at Phosphor games. Without further ado, here's your winners.

I'll be contacting each of you via the e-mail you used to register for the site to get the shipping information. Enjoy those killer tablets, and be sure to check out Dark Meadow: The Pact and the rest of the games and apps in the TergaZone.


Reader comments

ASUS Transformer Prime and Acer Iconia Tab A510 winners


Congratulations you two. Enjoy them for the rest of us.

Android Central, thanks for giving us all a chance at such great prizes.

haha Mobius360's post was "Would love to win something just once in my life."

Congrats to both winners!

Congratulations guys... enjoy em for us

I just wanna Thank Android Central & nVIDIA for giving us an opportunity to win something

I'm so stoked right now it's ridiculous, thanks so much Android Central, Nvidia & Phosphor Games. I really just can't believe this, I really haven't ever won anything.

Congrats to all.
But I'm still a winner because my voicemails get featured in the podcast.

Wooo hooo!

Pretty pumped about the win....this tablet is gonna be sick and get put to great use!

Thanks AC, NVIDIA, and Phosphor !! You guys rock !