Eee Pad transformer source code

Asus has released the GPL portions of the source code for their Eee Pad Transformer, and the tablet hasn't even hit the shelves yet.  Just a few days after they published their support page for the Eee Pad Transformer (which I'm referring to as the Transformer from here on out), and long before any of the other Honeycomb source code will arrive.  You can find it at the source link -- select "Downloads", choose "Android" as your operating system, and expand the source code entry.

This won't mean much to you if you're not a kernel developer, but what those developers can and will do with it certainly will.  Now all we need is the Transformer to get on the shelves.  [AsusThanks, Ray!

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Suntan says:

...Gets out Xoom packaging and return receipt and starts packing her back up...


DavidJ726 says:

I was a huge fan of ASUS products years ago when I was DIY'ing home computers, and at that time was very impressed by ASUS's build quality. Fast forward to today, and the more I read about this tablet, the more I think I want one! I only wish the Transformer had a stylus like it's little brother!!

Gameboy70 says:

I'm so getting this tablet. Everything about it says #winning. I usually don't like skins, but Asus does seemed to have improved on stock Honeycomb a bit (Waveshare, Polaris Explorer, the less industrial looking theme). And if it turns out that the customizations aren't all they're cracked up to be, Asus has given rom devs early access to the modified kernel source.

moosc says:

give me VZW 4g lte and I buy today

briankurtz79 says:

Just tether. Its the same price if not cheaper ;)

Chief85 says:

Now we just need a release date (assuming the previous pricing data was correct)...

Cmon Asus, you know when this thing is hitting, why are you keeping us in the dark?

tjal says:

Where is it? Either the page is down or it's not available from every country. :/

cosmic12310 says:

Probably a dumb question but does this mean anything for other android devices or will the effects be limited to the transformer until google releases honeycomb(or icecream if they decide to call the phone ready version that)?

draken says:

So when does the Asus Eee Pad Transformer get its own section in the forum? The Dell tablets have their own sections, but not the Asus line.

rickyprose says:

Dear Guys and Girls,

last week I went to softex show in Taipei to buy the new Asus eee pad transformer but they already sold out the first day the Tablet, I was not so happy and I did the review without tablet on hands: (anyway was fun because all the spec are real even without device :))
Then yesterday I received the real device and here you can find my first review:
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