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One of the more memorable moments of this year's Mobile World Congress involved ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih unveiling the multitude of components that make up the ASUS Padfone. The Padfone, if you'll remember, starts off as an Android 4.0 phone, which you can then plug into a tablet dock to transform into an Android tablet. Then, in typical ASUS transformer style, adding the keyboard dock gives you an Android laptop. And then there's the capacitive stylus which also doubles as as a headset. Because hey, why not?

We got to meet the Padfone a couple of months back in Barcelona (and we've got words and video to prove it), but today ASUS has published one of the promotional videos first unveiled at its MWC press conference. There's a complete rundown of all the Padfone's features, along with specs and details of exactly how much batter life the entire package delivers. Connect the phone to the tablet, then the tablet to the keyboard dock, and ASUS says you'll get up to 102 hours of use.

There's no word on any official release date just yet, but we've got the video embedded after the break to whet your appetite.


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ASUS Padfone video reminds us it's a phone, tablet, laptop and stylus


Dat battery life! That blow's ASUS's Transformer series away, which I guess makes sense, the tablets of the transformer series actually have to be the, you know, tablet houseing the functional parts, this is just a screen and a huge battery conntected the they keyboard which in and of itself is a huge battery. I already own a Prime but I want to see more.

At a very minimum, ASUS is one of the best at keeping it's customers up to date with the latest Android builds. Kudos and I'll be looking for this package when it is available.


If Verizon would offer the phone, without any strings attached to being able to run the tablet, I'd be very tempted. Right now the biggest issue with mobile gaming is choosing to start a game on the phone, which will always be with you, or only play it at home on the much bigger screen...


While this would be amazing, I can't imagine Verizon agreeing to one data plan to run both a phone/tablet (even if they are the same product). Especially if you are still eligible for an unlimited plan

known major stock shortage in taiwan at the moment. many pre-orders not met by official telco companies there. might be quite sometime before pf hit the western hemisphere market. too slow... asus's playing up with its customers' patience.

Am I mistaken or is there no place to stow the stylus in the frame of the tablet? It looked like they pulled it out of the carrying case. Since they already have the protrusion for the phone why wouldn't you have a place to stow the stylus?

ASUS looks like it's well on its way to becoming a good established phone manufacturer. I'm already set on the SGS3, but I can see myself trying out their devices in the future.

While not a direct competitor with the current heavyweights being released, I still tip my hat to Asus for changing the game up with this design. You can essentially upgrade to a new part to add to the collection every month or so. Increasing your battery life by the time you get all 3 pieces.

Concept looks sleek at first blush but the tablet seems chunky and the phone is "only" qHD, it'd have to be significantly cheaper as a package for me to forsake the freedom to use and upgrade my phone/tablet independently... I do love my original TF tho, and ASUS has been by far the quickest manufacturer in issuing updates, ICS stability for the OG TF has been a huge fiasco tho... So much so that I'm still on HC.