Plug it in or go wireless, the choice is yours

If you've got a Nexus 7 (2013), then you know what it's like to charge it. You have to do crazy things like plug it in or set it on a tiny little pad to go inductive. Asus knows how much of a hassle this is, so today they announced the Asus Dock for Nexus 7 (2013) and the Asus PW100 Wireless Charging Stand.

The Asus Dock for Nexus 7 (2013), aside from having a tremendously descriptive name, is a fancy USB dock. The dock is designed to work in vertical and portrait orientations, supporting the tablet when turned on its side with a little ledge, and in both orientations kicking back a few degrees to make the viewing angle more comfortable. It also has an HDMI-out port so you can use it to hardwire a line to your TV (or you can get a Chromecast).

The Asus PW100 Wireless Charging Stand, on the other hand, it's Nexus 7-specific, but it's still designed to work with it. It's a Qi charger, but tilted up at 60° so as to hold the tablet up at an angle you can use instead of sitting flat on a table. The charger also has a handy little light at its base that illuminates when it's done charging. Unlike the plug-in dock, the PW100 Wireless Charging Stand works with Nexus 7 cases (assuming they're not too thick).

Both docks are available for order now on The Asus Dock for Nexus 7 (2013) is priced at $49.99, while the Asus PW100 Wireless Charging Stand clocks in at $89.99. We agree, that price is giving us a nosebleed too.

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Asus outs a pair of charging docks for the Nexus 7


The docking station would be a ridiculous eyesore on the desk when the tablet isn't docked. I can't believe it takes up that much space. The HDMI-out feature is nice, though.

The wireless dock looks nice, but there's absolutely no way I'm paying $90 for a Qi charger.

Considering that it's shorter than a horizontal N7, I don't think it takes up too much space. There's just not much in that video to give it scale.

Edit: Derp, nevermind. I was looking at the Qi one.

I have the Nexus Qi charger. it's not perfect but it's basically future proof. The PW100 is nice, but until I see an adaptable Qi charger that can accommodate the tablet I have now as well as the one I'll have in 3 years I'm going to stick with the Nexus Qi charger.

Good point. I was getting ready to pull the trigger too.,, you know the next thing is just over the horizon. Thanks

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Looking good Asus!! I love to see some well thought accessories for amazing devices.

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Nexus 7 Qi charger doesn't seem too much different from the TYLT Vu charger. Both require the Nexus 7 to be in landscape to charge wirelessly. I'm guessing it'll work fine with other qi compatible devices. I got the TYLT for $35 not too long ago but its back to $69 like the asus one. The asus has a higher angle at 60 vs 45 on the TYLT.

And it took how long after the device was launched for this to come out? Especially in light of the potential for a Nexus 8? Sheeesh!

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Damn, I just bought the nexus charger. Wouldn't mind that Asus wireless for the N5 and N7 on the night stand, for the upright position.

old news it was available for sale last week at launch discount price where i bought mine for a lot cheaper than mentioned in this article. cant mention the price as the damn spam filter blocks the post if price is mentioned (tried posting the discounted price available last week but the damn spam filter blocks the post). you can find my video review from my profile page if you are interested.

the new dock is very different, its much much lighter than the 2012 dock which i also have. the finish is premium on the new dock, the surfaces that rest on the table have a slightly adherent finish but the other surfaces have some satin like soft finish. weighs 147 grams unlike the much heavier nexus 7 2012 dock. the 2013 dock can output hdmi via its microhdmi port which the 2012 dock doesnt have.

This entire forum is filled with complaints, no matter what is posted people complain, its ridiculous, I get depressed just reading the dumbass things people find to complain about. This dock is sweet! Wtf is wrong with it? Its a dock!!! Its so you can dock the f*ckin tablet and its docked!!! Completely separate concept then a wireless charger that doesn't hold you're tablet in an upright position for hands free viewing. I have a wireless charger also, but it doesn't serve the hands free part


Why would you sell accessories for third of the price and higher of the device they are complementing ? Most of the N7 or MemoPad owners are on the budget.

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VZW Moto X

The question is, will it work with future devices? Well, it should work but will it be compatible?

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I wish that docking station could, when docked, act as an secondary monitor for my PC. I could use it to show youtube videos and free up desktop space.

Ordered the cheaper one yesterday in the UK...shipped same day!

£29.99 here with free shipping

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As for wireless charging I bought a £20 Nokia charger.....the official one is expensive from the PlayStore

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These options should be launched with the device, not 6 months later. I bought a dock for the original N7, because it made sense.

Awesome A C

Nice work Asus. I like. Finally hard wire display without slimport crap. Games on the TV are possible now. Love my miracast adapter for videos but it ducks with games.

The wireless is about the same add the ylut too but I like the Asus design better. I'm sure you could charge it sideways too. The inductive part looks big.

I'm not really looking to replace my nexus 7 2013 and qi wireless is a standard right now.

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