ASUS today dropped word on its plans for Jelly Bean updates. The lucky tablet winners? The Transformer Pad, Transformer Pad Prime and the Transformer Pad Infinity. And ... that's it, so far. ASUS says it's still deciding on updates for other devices, but those guys are sure deals so far. Also, no word on when we'll see an update to Android 4.1, other than "in the coming months."

Here's the full statement:

Dear valued ASUS customer,

At ASUS, one of the key commitments we make to our customers is a relentless drive to deliver the best user experience. We constantly strive to achieve this goal through our ‘Design Thinking’ philosophy that includes regular software and firmware updates for our products.

We are pleased to announce that many of our tablet products are scheduled to receive an update to Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. The ASUS Transformer Pad, ASUS Transformer Pad Prime and ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity are all scheduled to receive Android 4.1 updates in the coming months. We will provide further guidance on our expected timeframes for these updates near their release.

We are still investigating Jelly Bean updates for other devices, but we are not in a position to confirm whether any other products will be eligible for an update at the moment.

Thank you for your continued support.



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ASUS on Jelly Bean updates: Transformer Pad, Prime and Infinity all winners


I agree, but only in part.
TF101 = Tegra2
all of the above state devices = Tegra3

Hence the reason the obvious updates to JellyBean are no-brainers. They already had code from Google and Nvidia to do their JB stuff to the stock ROMs (which are close to Vanilla, plus some apps and status menu power-bar stuff).

TF101 being Tegra2, they may need update driver blobs and API bits from Nvidia before it happens for that device. TF101g (cell-data version) may take even longer due to RIL and radio baseband updates to support JB.

So I understand why TF101 isn't getting the announcement right now. However, barring Nvidia just saying no new code for Tegra2 for JB, it should probably happen, just.... later.

Given all the bugs that still haven't been fixed in the TF101 ICS update, I'd hate to see what JB does to this poor tablet.

Tegra2 = dual core cpu. The Gnex phone = dual core cpu AND HAS JB.......Dont see the Tegra2 as the problem AND cyanogenmod already has CM10 betas out for the TF101.

Google is releasing Jelly Bean code for the Xoom (if they haven't already). Doesn't that run a Tegra 2? Then there's no reason that the original Transformer shouldn't get updated. But it won't.

Meanwhile, Samsung's tablets are still running Honeycomb. What a mess!

Forget jelly bean I want that sweet android holding the Asus flag! Thanks Asus for keeping us in the loop tho I hope 4.1 comes sooon. Android is still choppy even with ICS IMO.

I am already rocking the first trial versions of JB on my TF101... So far without Camera or GPS, but everything else is pretty much working swimmingly. So it doesn't seem to be too hard to get it to work on the TF101.

I can understand if the update will be a little later, that much should be expected. However, the device isn't even two years old. So for now, an effort to bring JB to the TF101 would definitely sway me towards buying another ASUS Tablet when the new generation comes out (that's when I plan to upgrade)

Well? Have you gotten it it on your TF300? I just got my JB update today on my VZW GNex.
I'm waiting on ASUS to update my TF Prime. First time my phone has beaten my tablet on an update.

The article has poor naming of the units, because according to Asus website, all the Transformer tablets are "Transformer Pad". 
I guess it was taking directly from the Asus press release.
Then it is unclear which tablets are included and not included.

I would think that the Transformer tablets would be a easy upgrade considering that they are just about stock not really heavily skinned at all. And Asus had direct access to the JB code when they worked on the Nexus 7. Plus they were the 1st to update the transformer prime to ICS. I hate the coming months crap. But some news is better than no news.

Considering how badly the ICS update went on my 101, I don't know if I even care about the JB as an update at this time. I nearly sold my 101 because of the ICS problems until the last fix updates.
Also, with JB not supporting Flash any longer I don't think it's a worthwhile update for my uses.

As awesome as this is, and as much as I'd love my TF Prime to run more smoothly than it currently does on ICS (especially seeing my girlfriend's Nexus 7 and my Galaxy Nexus), the lack of Flash is kind of making me think twice about whether or not to accept the update when it comes. I love having JB and the lack of Flash doesn't bother me on my GNex, but I find myself using Flash quite a bit on my tablet.