The IFA 2014 rumors continue and this time out its the turn of Asus to step into the spotlight. A recent report by Focus Taiwan claims that Asus CEO, Jerry Shen, told an investors' conference that the company could be debuting its first Android Wear smartwatch at the event in Berlin.

He also reportedly claimed the watch has been well received by Google for looking better than its competitors products and having a lower price tag. It isn't the first we've heard of an Asus smartwatch, nor is it the first time we've heard it could come with a highly competitive price tag. Either way we'll be live in Berlin next month to bring you it all.

Source: Focus Taiwan via PhoneArena


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Asus could be taking first Android Wear smartwatch to IFA


Tooth fairy or the Easter bunny?

We kinda have to wait to see them before making a decision don't we?

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Is ASUS even known for good looking quality products? And I mean premium ones.

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Eh. In the computer world I trust them over almost any brand due to quality.

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Yes, yes they are. Many people confuse them with Acer, which does make some premium products but also cheaper (although good) ones. Asus on the other hand has a strong reputation for making very nice premium products at reasonable price points.

I have been holding out for the 360, but being an announcement from Asus is imminent, that may sway my decision quite a bit. Good job Motorola dragging your feet getting it released.

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