Sorry for bad quality... looks much better in video and in person!!

We are always on the lookout for cool to apps to share with everyone, and this nifty Android live wallpaper caught our eye. It's called aSpiritBomb, and more than lives up to its name. By tapping anywhere on the screen, you create little orbes that swirl into the glowing center, which resembles a sun. The sun then grows and pulses as you continue to add more and more orbes to it. Dropping an application or widget cause numerous orbes to be launched from it, which is a really great effect.

Once the sun has grown large, you can tap on it and shoot out tiny specs of light. Double tapping will cause the sun to actually explode, shooting out orbes of every color in all directions. For any of you that have played Geometry Wars, it resembles a wormhole when they explode, which is fine by me.

The app was a blast to play with, and is available now on the Android Market for a little more than $1. Be sure to check out video and the download links after the break.

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Reader comments

'aSpiritBomb' live wallpaper offers an explosion of visual ecstasy


Let us know what this does to your battery Kyle...

My live wallpapers all seem to report eating 7% of my battery.

It actually wasn't that bad. It seemed to use less juice than the Mario live wallpaper, for instance. I mostly use a static picture ( to help with the battery, but it is deff one of the live wallpapers I would demo for someone interested in Android. Or, you know, if I was in the mood for explosions.

Wow I'll sacrifice battery for that kinda thing any day of the week...too bad live wallpapers run like crap on my Droid OG

that's the very first thing i thought of when i heard the name, especially how one can tap the screen to send your energy to it so that it grows like in the anime.

You can blame my poor picture quality =[ Screenshots taken with the SDK were all janky, so I ended up having to use an iPhone4 to snag a pic.

Nice lwp and for sure its a good way to show off Android. But I'm the same kyle I also prefer static wallpappers and some nice 3D ones can also show of the screen rather well, maybe a propper wallpapper gallery would fit in nice hee so we may share I have about 50 your welcome to too start at 960/800 rez. :-)