Ashton Kutcher

Much in the same way that I'm a famous Hollywood actor, I'm sure. 

Anyway, this is all in conjunction with those new Lenovo tablets — which look far more interesting than another celebrity "executive."

Here's how Lenovo put it:

In his new role as a Lenovo product engineer, Kutcher will work with the company’s engineering teams around the world to develop and market the Yoga line of tablets by providing input and decision-making into design, specifications, software and usage scenarios. 

Regardless, it's a fine excuse for us to run a nice little gallery of ol' @aplusk.

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Eclectech says:

Really Lenovo? ...Really?

David Horgan says:

Lenovo is IBM.

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jpbass7 says:

"I'm not Steve Jobs, but I play him in the movies"

dchawk81 says:

"Stay in character and welcome to the team, Steve! It's an honor to work with you!"

mwara244 says:

His character on 2 and a half men is suppose to be some software giant too. I think the acting roles are going to his head

Posting pictures on instagram and twitter, and acting as tech giant characters, doesn't classify you as a tech engineer.

I think Noah Wiley did steve jobs the best in his tnt movie about steve and gates

jrb363 says:

I agree, that movie was SO much better than any of the crap put out by the major studios recently. It captured the passion and fire that drove both men into become the tech giants they became.

ctleng76 says:

I agree that movie was done very well. It is one of the few made for TV movies that I would watch more than once.

TenshiNo says:

Agreed, with all of the above. That was actually quite a good movie.

adam8810 says:

Sounds like they might't taken his Steve Jobs role a little too seriously...

mattvalenz says:

Asssstunn cooocher? A tech guru? A product designer?? Fuck off. I mean enough is enough already.

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jrb363 says:

Somebody is a little butt-hurt today.

Walchaar6 says:

Ashton Kutcher actually is pretty smart he was at MIT then he dropped out to be an actor so he knows some tech stuff

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titaniumSS says:

Oh nonsense, actors can never be as smart as the rest of us! /sarcasm

dchawk81 says:

Yeah good actors are quite intelligent. They have to be to lie convincingly, which is what acting is.

Stupid people are crap at lying because they don't know how to be plausible.

This is why bimbos of both genders don't get serious roles.

ataylor3 says:

Yes, he's smart, but let's not change history. He was never at MIT. He was accepted but lost his scholarship when he was arrested for burglary while he was in HS. He went to one semester at the University of Iowa where he partied his behind off and then dropped out to become an underwear model.

BldyIdt says:

Don't you have to be a little smart to be accepted at the MIT?

And a whole lot of stupid to be arrested for burglary.

ScottJ says:

He was doing research for "Dude, Where's My Car?".

Or, it was like when Bruce Wayne went to prison in purpose to study the criminal mind.

miwaca says:

How the hell has he managed to look so young after all these years?

jrb363 says:


Next thing you know, they're going to give Marketing Director to Miley Cyrus.


Shut up. Stop it. Don't tease me.

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alexlam24 says:

Oh we won't stop no we won't stop

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TenshiNo says:

LOL. Lenovo tablet, "Twerk" edition.

ScottJ says:

The only problem is the DVD tray keeps ejecting.

Cole Cadieux says:

You smell that that's A.K garbage tablet line. Ps: isn't this a conflict of interest since he's an mac fan now with android

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Slaytor Z says:

You can be a fan of both

olues says:

So tell me if its possible to love two people equally?

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ScottJ says:

Yes. Never been a parent?

AgentScribe says:


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janesa13 says:

I don't care how smart he is. Call 'celebrity endorsement' for what it is, a marketing deal.
This is an insult to the actual engineers.

Roger Federer has endorsement deal with Rolex. That doesn't make him a watchmaker and Rolex has enough brain not to call him that.

virgoz says:

I can hear Demi Moore now...."DAFUQ!?!?"

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drsouly says:

this guy is a total geek. i think he could come up with some usefull stuff

Wobblin30 says:

Nikon deal run out?

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judasmachine says:

Does this mean he'll be tweeting about how great it is from his iPhone?

bez54 says:

He's a product b1tch. Next he will engineer the Nexus range. If the price is right.

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BoB16731 says:

DA FUQ i read that right an engineer .....

sectime says:

Really looking forward to more green troll car wash commercials.

JulieGNH says:

I was sold until I read Android 4.2. Don't make something cool and not have it come with the latest OS. No mention whether the OS is even upgrade-able....bummer.

sglscovill says:

L O L . < period!

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ACADM says:

This is like when Alicia Keys was product engineer, software developer, or whatever the fuck Blackberry where calling her to promote their products, and then she tweeted from her iPhone.

There was an even more embarrassing one recently in the U.K. with Dizzee Rascal promoting a massive 27 foot Surface 2 Tablet in Trafalgar Square, even though he's a well known user of Apple pruducts.

gizmodo co uk/2013/10/giant-surface-tablet-and-dizzee-rascal-ruin-trafalgar-square-with-unbearable-levels-of-pr-cringe/

What goes through the minds of PR people? I honestly think a trained chimp could work in PR.

I like how a bunch of people who read and post on this site would assume themselves more qualified for the position and find this to be so laughable. What's to say he doesn't know just as much about this stuff as anyone else here? What, because he played Kelso he must be an idiot? Maybe he does the Nikon commercials and he signed up to play Jobs because he is extremely passionate about technology.

Jobs' director, Joshua Michael Stern told Wall Street Journal: ''He knew everything there was to know about everything that was going on, even historically, about the technology we used. I walked onto a set once and there was a computer processor that was there as set dressing and he removed it and said, 'This wasn't invented for two more years.''

Seems like some folks might be a little bit jealous.

jrb363 says:

Jealousy is probably part of it, and I don't doubt that Ashton knows some tech knowledge. I think what's upset people here is the fanfare he's receiving and how Lenovo is treating him like the 2nd coming of Christ.

He is undoubtedly there moreso for the marketing aspect than the engineering side of things so of course they are going to hype up his presence with the company. He has a bit of a record behind him with some of his previous investments and the roles he's taken on that show his input into the engineering half isn't a complete joke though. These comparisons to Alicia Keys and Blackberry are a little much. Still think people are just bitter.

deibed says:

I'd have to agree with you on why he's in the company, and for a second I thought I was the only one noticing all the bitterness coming from most of the comments. The guy does know a thing or two about technology, I've seen an interview he did with The Verge and he seems pretty smart for a guy who's played a dumb ass on a tv show. and the title of engineer is really a lose term when it pertains to him, I mean janitors are now "building engineers" in some

ScottJ says:

Sanitation Engineers

hodan says:

He was a model. A paid, professional model. Then he started investing in tech startups. It's a hobby. Chinese companies have no clue how to market consumer products in America. It's a good fit. But no, he doesn't know shit about how to engineer ... Anything.

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ScottJ says:

And you know this how?

AgentScribe says:

Not even sanitation or buildings?

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sglscovill says:

Oh look, even the famous use Google search!

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AgentScribe says:

Not to mention, some of what we want infused in new tech are "real world" use cases not just engineering for the sake of engineering.

That's what I always hope celebrity "engineer" status brings in these particular situations.

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savdini says:

Ahh, see. So he is a big tech geek. So it makes sense. I have no issues with him. There's just a bunch of haters in here.. 11 year old, haters

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Vizualize says:

Good job Lenovo!! The last time I went to Best Buy to purchase electronics the first thing i thought was "which company does Ashton Kutcher work for?? Hmmmmmm........" Im sure this will do wonders for your sales!

nickacs says:

Who's the smokin hottie in the pics?!? DAYUM SON! Spread'em Porkey! HAHAHAHA

aca_041 says:

get Walden Schmidt for software engineer

jfriend33 says:

My mom absolutely hates AK and DM. I think part of it is she loved Two and a Half Men with CS...and shes in her 60's and is jealous she can't cougar out like ol' Demi does on a daily basis...

Jay Shank says:

And you just became CEO of Apple :-D

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K White1 says:

Well, I don't know how much product input he had, but his association with Nikon seemed like a good fit. It'll be interesting to see how this relationship delevops. And I like the stand on the Lenovo's tablet.

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Hunter Petit says:

Here's a meme: Plays Apple CEO in movie, works at Lonovo.

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savdini says:

Is he a big tech geek or something? Why would they have picked him of all people? I really hope they don't believe he's akin to Steve Jobs.. And anyway, let's not forget Steve Jobs had 1 successful product, ever. The ipod, which was scaled and modified in to iphone and ipad. So his success rate was pretty low.. Like 95% failure rate.

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