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Get the latest of one of the most popular sports video game franchise ever, Madden NFL '12, for your Android device for just 99 cents from EA Sports.  The game was built for Android 2.1 or higher, and has optimized versions for both Tablets and the Xperia Play with it's built-in control pad.  You can choose to play as any of the 32 NFL teams, and different game-play modes allow for complete micro-management of every bit of action on the field.

It's Madden NFL 12, done right, for a buck.  Grab it using the handy link after the break.


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Are you ready for some football? Get EA Sports' Madden NFL 12 for just a buck in the Android Market


Bought this from my phone thinking I would then have it on my tablet like most apps I have bought from my phone. Nope. I guess you have to buy it separately. I know it's only a buck, but it's still kinda crappy of EA. Contacted support but of their support is terrible. Oh well.

After clearing cache and data from android market it now installed without repurchasing it. Kinda weird, never had that happen before. Sorry EA.

I wouldn't pay .01¢ for madden, EA has went way down hill since they couldn't beat 2k and won the exclusive rights to nfl. I pray that nfl comes to their senses and does away with the exclusive crap so the customer will have a choice of games. That's just my opinion.

+ 1. I've been feeling that way for a long time. We've had a few alternatives since that went down on consoles, but the deal doesn't include mobile games. We have a few official NFL games on Android. Gameloft & Full Fat put out fun football alternates. But for a buck, even "I'd buy that for a dollar"....

This SUCKS it wont work on the Epic 4g Touch.....Damn this is one of the hottest and up to date phonse out now.....Where the hell are you living EA sports under a freaking rock?

No results found now on Market with link in article with V Nexus.

Looks to be pulled or blocked from Vexus.

Link did work with my Asus TF101! TY

On the markets website the software is marked as incompatible with nexus s and gtab 10.1. Using the market-app it is download- and playable on the gtab at least. I did not tried on the nexus s.