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Will 2013 be the year we see Android truly infiltrate the living room? It's possible, and Archos has come out swinging with their new TV Connect device unveiled today. In simple terms, the TV connect puts an Android based Smart TV experience onto your existing, non-smart, HDTV. Kind of like Google TV, except, it isn't Google TV. Confused yet? 

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What this is, is the first "multitouch Android on TV" experience, or so says the press release. Naturally there's a specially designed remote control included, and as you'll no doubt see here, it's not aimed at one handed use. It promises the ability to play games, video chat, browse the web, stream videos, basically turn your HDTV into a gigantic Android tablet. 

The TV Connect will be on show at CES next week in Las Vegas, and will go on general release in February for a pretty reasonable $129.99. Spec wise, the TV Connect is packing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, has a HD capable video camera on board, and full multitouch gesture capabilities. The onboard storage is 8GB, expandable via microSD card, 1GB of RAM and a 1.5GHz multi-core processor. 

It's an interesting idea, and taking a very different path to Google TV. What about you guys though, is this something you'd be interested in? Sound off in the comments below. 

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Archos announces TV Connect, bringing Android to your existing HDTV


Bring down the price a little bit. If the Roku can do what it does at it's size there is no reason this thing has to be so expensive and so oblong.

You have no idea what it's worth. More importantly you have no idea what Archos will take for it. That is the difference between what where the seller is standing and where the consumer will meet them. Apps/Content on your TV. Technology aside, that is the basic function most will want to get out of both devices. PERIOD.

So what makes you the expert? By this logic; you have no idea what it is worth either.

It is worth what the market will pay for it. You can't build this thing for $120.00.

The $50 version of Roku sucks at a basic level and doesn't even offer a basic USB port for external media, let alone a multi-touch interface, motion control camera, full access to Android apps, etc.

Nobody owes you free technology. If you can't afford it, then get a better job or ask your parents for an allowance raise. $120.00 isn't even a smart phone bill these days.

It's common sense. I and a ton of other people can afford $120 bucks. That isn't what supply and demand is about. It's about wanting to spend $120 for THIS product. 100 people could LOVE this product and be willing to spend $200 dollars on it, but guess what? It's not economically viable for Archos to spend all the money to make this product and have a niche segment of the population have minimal interest while most of the general population could care less at this price point. I'm not saying this isn't interesting or commenting on it's affordability. I'm saying it's a concept that is relatively new to the mainstream and will have to come down in price before it is accepted. No different than HD tvs. You won't even find this in the bargain bin anywhere 2 years from now, but the newest version will probably sell for $50. That's the way tech works.

And that product for $50 ,and even one that a competitor might drop in a month or so, will look sleeker than this one.

LMAO. Whatever that attempt was meant to be deserves no response. Trust me. It'd be arrogant to say you proved my point. You didn't. You just proved you have no clue what you're talking about.

Personal opinion here, but it seems to have a hinge in the middle. I imagine it will "clip" to the top of your TV. Also, look at the Wii U sensor bar/Xbox Kinect. This thing is a sensor and camera, plus it contains the guts that would be in your Wii or Xbox 360 proper.

things like this are already roaming around the market... dont thimk 8gb of onboard storage is nearly enough even with sd card expansion... this is a tv accessory and people are going to want movies stored on it... 8gb just wont cut it...

I disagree. This isn't a portable device. USB Hosting + the ability to support a 32GB Micro SD card makes this perfect. Who cares about onboard storage? I have about 1TB in storage on my NAS anyway.

Agreed. 8GB costs them about $4. Maybe it's part of an asic and cost them less than a few pennies. Sheesh; spend the $15 and stick on 64GB.

Looks kind of neat, although I think the Girlfriend would kill me if I got ANOTHER device.... :-)

The cool part though is what Archos is trying to do with the whole home thing, I think I'm in love with the little Android Clock for 129 bucks! :)

I am most interested in seeing if this will support Google Talk/+ video calls or perhaps Skype. It seems patently absurd that Google TV does not yet support video calling.

I own a Raspberry Pi and a Logitech Revue. I could see both of them being shelved for a pair of these. Well... as long as it pushes out at 1080p, anyway...

if I can put flash on it and use it to stream sports from websites like I would a tablet without the annoyance of hooking my tablet up to my tv with an HDMI cord... it's worth every penny

Looks interesting but it's Archos. Have had a few things from Archos over the years and although they do try and bring advancements and new tech they also always end up failing over time or Archos just stop supporting it.

The biggest problem with GoogleTV so far is that it's not android enough. It has a smaller app selection than Blackberry playbook had when it was released. Archos may have the answer to getting some good interaction with tv.

I like it a lot. I wish Google would just drop GTV and add any unique functionality to Android as there would be so many more apps available. Really no need for internal storage on a device like this as 95% of users would have some type of PC to stream from and a broadband connection for online streaming. If a Google can push cloud storage on a 3G phone it certainly can be done on a device like this backed by an unlimited fast broadband connection. My only concern is Archos's quality and performance. My Archos G9 is pretty lackluster. They should put some REAL effort into a good remote app to control this and offer it without the controller for less $$. Although the price is not bad but there is going to be a lot of competition (Android sticks, Oyna, etc). Maybe the remote will set them apart from the others??

Color me interested. Though I would save final judgment on publication of full specs and functionality. The price seems competitive for some of the more full featured Google TV devices which typically run around $100 (give or take). The difference would be in it's functionality offered, so far it's not listing anything that say the Vizio Costar can't do.

Pretty neat. I don't need another device but I just may get it, too. I will miss going to CES this year, got tickets, but very busy with school and work.

Sounds like a legit Roku competitor with more functionality...but that giant box hanging over my TV will probably prevent me from getting this. I would prefer a small set top box with a camera attachment that can be moved. The rest of the specs would fit my needs. Hopefully they will release a slimmed down less obtrusive box in the future.

If I can still do the following that I can od on my android tablet, this would be awesome:
HBOgo/showtime/allchannel apps
Access my shared media folder on my main CPU for streaming videos

If those can be done, this will be the device I choose. It effectively makes my TV a tablet setup that isn't touch screen.

I love the niches Archos is going after. The new strategy has me excited about Archos for the first time since they had their Gmini line come out! Good on ya, Archos!

I will NEVER EVER buy anything from Archos. If they play the way they usually do, you'll have to buy lots of things just to make it a functional product.

This would be pretty awesome, I really wanted to like Google tv but it suck but full jelly bean on my tv would be sick!

Am I able to connect my Nexus 7 to this device and use it to present something?
I would be much happier if this device supports VGA Projector output as well as HDMI.
I want to use my Nexus 7 instead of my Laptop on my university presentations....

Seems to be a growing trend of manufacturers having trouble making things not look like they're from the 90s.

SmartStick from FaviEntertainment has an 8GB Android on a stick
that plugs into the HDMI port. Runs Jelly Bean. Nice add on to my TV.
I use it for email, social media and video /torrents.

This is an old news with a device in overpriced.

For about two years, you can have a little android hdmi stick on your TV and you can control all multi-touch games and apps with DroidMote.
You can install all and play with all.

android hdmi stick dual core cost 35 $
droidmote cost 1 $