Yesterday, Apple was granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 that has resulted in the temporary halting of sales and advertisements in the European Union.

It has now been uncovered in the complaint filed by Apple that the maker of the iPad is also filing suit against Motorola for its Xoom tablet. It is unclear at the moment whether Apple asked for an injunction, but based on the ruling yesterday, odds are in that favor.

Motorola and Apple having been in multiple patent wars since last year. Remember, however, that the complaint against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that resulted in the injunction was entirely due to design and not patents. Apple claims that the device looks too similar to theirs and would result in market confusion. It's likely that the complaint against Motorola is similar in nature.

We'll keep you up-to-date on the ongoing bickering between the tech giants and we're counting on it getting nastier before it gets more amicable.

Source: FOSS Patents


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Apple also files complaint against Motorola Xoom design, may seek injunction


This is getting ridiculous! Apple is sue happy and trying to squash competition via lawsuits rather than innovation and better products/services.

When Ice Cream and the phones for it come out I'm sure Apple will be suing then too because it will look to much like an iPhone. Without buttons I'm not sure how much different all these devices are really going to look.

I have a Xoom and have never mistaken it for an iPad. And once you get the device on, it doesn't even closely resemble and iPad IMO.

Apple has clearly lost it, the Xoom really? The device is big, very big. I can understand the Galaxy Tab due to it's slim design but come on the Xoom looks nothing like an iPad.

All of this patent bullshit should be thrown out, perhaps Apple should attempt to out innovate Google, rather then sue their partners.

But you missed the point, its NOT about patents.

Its about the design! Its not even clear you can copyright (let alone patent) a product shape, especially when there are huge differences in outward appearance.

All Flat Screen TV sets look the same. All 35mm SLRs look the same. If you could patent or copyright a design on such a gross level there would already be only one brand of Flat Screen or 35mm.

This is risky for Apple.

All of these rules have been made by administrative boards or administrative law judges, both in Germany and in Australia. These are not the brightest judges in the world, this is where failed patent attorneys go to retire. Rulings like these are almost all overturned in the end, and if Sammy wants to counter sue for damages the price could be very steep for Apple.

My point exactly!!! Flat screen tvs: they all look alike!!!! Have u wonder: only ONE brand of pc keyboards?!!! But Apple fans do not get it... and it seems that judges neither! This is madness.

That is the same thing I was thinking. And what about all the look-alike cell phones!? Are they going to sue every phone maker that made a rectangle phone that has a touch screen w/ a slide lock?!?!? LOL!!!

Apple and their shitty products are a complete waste of time and I can't wait for them to be driven into the ground by the companies that are acutally contributing to newer technology.

... I get that this is Android Central and all, but good god. You sound every bit as ridiculous and ignorant as the Apple fanboys you all love to hate so much.

I love how everyone is putting in their uselss $0.02 over what this lawsuit is about. I am guessing that you all have inside information that the rest of us don't have. I have a good idea. How about we wait to see what the details are before we go off on useless rants.

Since we have a pretty good idea of what the other lawsuits are about, it's not a huge leap to assume that this one will be similar since its in regards to a tablet.

According to the source link (FossPatents) Apple is going after Motorola for the Design of the Xoom. It was filed along with Apple's motion for an injunction on the Samsung Tablet over Something similar to our "Trade Dress" system that Apple is suing samsung for over here. In EU, that protection only extends to the actual design of the device (not software). So it's pretty safe to bet that Apple is trying to make the same (or similar) claim about the "trade dress" of the xoom. They may, or may not, file patent lawsuits as well.

Trade dress is the last refuge of the desperate. It means they have pretty much thrown in the towel on patents.

If trade dress was a well established point in law do you think there would be BOTH Bic Pens and Papermate Pens?

Apple is trying to own the thin flat screen shape. They simply can not prevail at this in the long run.

I see. So I'm assuming you have a problem with Apple's suit against JAY-Tech as well for trade dress issues?

I mean, they must be pretty desperate if they're suing someone for making something that looks just like an iPad. http://goo.gl/D7m0c Trade dress cases CAN be completely legitimate, like the JAY-Tech example (or Samsung)... but this Xoom one is a bit ridiculous.

Ummm you mean kinda like you going off on your rant like I'm tempted to go off on yours? Nah... Waste of time contrary to your response, if you exercised that egg on your neck you'd realize it doesn't take a CSI team to figure out what Apple is up to. Is it really that hard for you to figure out?
Oops! I ranted!!!

Waiting for apple to pick on a company it's own size.. HP.. Over the touch pad. If any tablet looks like an ipad then that's the one but in all black. But for some reason apple steers clear of them. Could out be after hp bought palm the acquired all those pda patents that you know apple is infringing on a few just with the iphone.

But in all reality apple it's scared of competition. instead of marketing they're gonna sue. Lame.. what's next they going to go after Dell, toshiba, and asus because their laptops look like theirs also?

Really apple it's a flipping tablet. The design is as basic as a laptop.. Either google or HP needs to step in and remind apple their not the only big kids on the block.. Come on apple pick on a company your own size I dare you...

Personally they can go after HP in EU courts and may well get their Injuction albeit temporary for that as well.

I am just waiting for this to affect Archos not that they are a big seller or have the best products out there but They are French the the EU courts will fav that little fact nicely but these actions may backfire right in Apples face.

I would love to see Archos get an injuction on the iPad and all they would have to do is get it in a French court and as France being one of the Signers on the EU Charter that Injuction would be held up in every EU country or Archos would have a much easier time filling for injuctions in the UK and Germany.

Ya but HP also has strong ties in europe also. Allot of their mobile stuff gets released on sfr in france first. Maybe HP, Microsoft, arcos, samsung, htc, and google need to all file patent lawsuits at the same time against apple and humble apple back to the days before the ipod when apple was just the little mac guy.

I just am tired of hearing apple going after everyone for patents that are so broad.

Come on suing just over the way a product looks? They sound desperate. Apple might as well take their issues with these other companies on Jerry Springer throw a shoe and say that these companies are stealing their people.. This apple suing people is as lame as my comment here and most the other ones I'm reading. Lol

Let me tell you why Apple will NOT go after HP: HP could sue Apple and make the iPhone go "bye-bye". The reason: HP owns ALL of Palm's patents (which includes just about everything that makes a smartphone a smartphone--and many of the interface ideas that Apple used in the iPhone).

The new kids around here don't remember that Palm and HandSpring invented the smartphone when it combined a PalmOS device (the Handspring Visor) with a phone module (VisorPhone). All the icon interface, smart-dialing, etc. that smartphones do these days was developed/implemented back then, long before the iPhone was even a twinkle in Apple's eye.

It's why Apple never made a move against Palm back then, and why they won't make a move against HP today. Google, HTC, Samsung, and Motorola don't have the rich pool of smartphone-related patents that Palm has. If Apple has any sense of self-preservation they'll leave HP alone.

Amen insp_gadget. That's why I said lets see apple go after someone their own size. Apple started going after palm when WebOS was released on the Pre. But quickly backed down.

Apple may of started the whole pda thing with their flop the Newton but Palm perfected it. Now HP owns those i.p.'s and I would love to see a company put Apple in check.

See HP may be just as big or a tad smaller then Apple and they could run around and do what Apple is doing and sue all the competition but they don't.

The one patent hp acquired was a palm patent that was a phone interface on a pda. I seen that patent to. If you look at that patent the picture of how it looks is identical to iphones phone interface.

I really liked my WebOS device and recently came over to the android platform on a nexus s. I am liking both operating systems allot to the point I carry both. apple isn't the only innovator out there making good devices and our operating systems. They need to get their heads out of their butts and stop acting like they are the dictators of mobile tech. Just saying

The problem with Apple is that, right now, no one is as big as they are. Ever since the recent stock market downturn, Apple has bypassed ExxonMobil as the fattest cat on Wall Street. Their corporate lawyers must have all gotten chubbies reading that news, so they did what Wall Street mouthpieces do best- screw other companies.

What else could it be? I'm thinking if its not the actual device design then maybe something internally? Either way, apple has to realize that they aren't the only damn company out right now. Jesus.

It would be nice if Samsung and Motoralla could sue for any lost revenue and all cost that they have to absorb because of this. Some how I bet Apple doing this because it is little to no risk to them and only hurts their competitors.

Actually, I believe that if Apple loses the Samsung lawsuit then they're responsible for reimbursing Samsung for any lost income during the injunction. Of course, given their cash on hand, they're playing the same game Microsoft did years ago, crush the competition with lawsuits that only they can afford.

What's next? This is really getting out of hand with apple. If you use the logic they use then every car manufacturer should sue the other. Hey they all have 4 wheels, an engine and doors.

It's probably too late anyway> The Xoom has been out for awhile. Hopefully this all back fires and consumers in Europe start looking into why Apple's so hell bent on them not getting their hands on Android devices and they'll start seeing why we love Android devices over Apple devices.

Okay I totally understood the Galaxy Tab suit, but this one seems more than a little ridiculous. Thankfully, that's what the judges are for. They decided that the Samsung suit had merit (which it did) but I can't see them coming to a similar conclusion this time around.

They're not ranting, they're expressing their opinions. Apple is obviously trying to eliminate any competition by using these bogus patents they were granted. There's nothing new or innovative about their products. Tablets and their design have been around for decades prior to anything Apple produced. For whatever reason however, the patent office has been handing out patents like water to every company out there, no longer requiring any kind of demonstration that what they're approving is significantly different than what already exists.

I'm thinking of getting a patent for the wheel myself... then suing Goodyear and Firestone for making tires that look too similar to my "design".

I think the most ironic part of all of this is that not too long ago, Apple was whining and complaining about Microsoft trying to force competitors out of the browser market. I guess views change quickly.

I don't get it. It's not like Apple had the first tablet PC. And isn't their claim basically the same as if somebody would have done that after the first cell phone was made? Or TV? Or desktop PC? This is just dumb.

Get rid of competition and innovation will stop. If Apple stop all of it's competitors how long until an antitrust suit can be filed against Apple?

Its not about the xoom Tablet size look but what's inside.75% of how u use phone tablet ie android bb windows palm is the lityyle stuff pinch zooming geastures scrolling.etc and apple bought those patents and is licensing them tomanufacturers its a Mafia tactic

Can't we all just get along!!! ;-) I'm not a droid fan boy, nor am I an apple fan boy. I think they both have their place in the tablet/phone/whatever market, but Apple just needs to grow up a bit and realize not everyone is in love with their products.

"realize not everyone is in love with their products."
They actually know that, and that's the exact reason why they're acting as disgusting as that!!!
they want to eliminate competition so that there is nothing but their G*y products in the market (even for a little while) that will definitely increase their sales dramatically!!!!
but that will NEVER happen (at least with me) i'll NEVER buy a rotten Apple product if i have to stay "Smartdeviceeless" :P

As much as I love my Galaxy Tab 10.1, it was rather.... iPad-like. Even if I didn't agree with the suits and thought Apple was being jerkish, I at least had an inkling of why they had a point. The Xoom though? You've gotta be kidding me! Who in their right mind thinks that's an iPad?!

My sentiments exactly. I can totally understand the Galaxy Tab suit (or any suit against Samsung for the ridiculous amount of crap they design after Apple products), but the Xoom makes no sense. I've played around with them and they are nothing like my iPad at all, be it in design or in UI or OS. I don't get this.

What come on Sammy has been know to make very thin tech. It is not ipadish I mean viewing angle power button volume rocker material even the speaker location come on be real here.

It's not just the thinness man... Have you ever seen an iPad2 and a Tab 10.1 side by side? The Tab 10.1 looks like an iPad2 with a different aspect ratio. Let's be real here. Unless you are a geek and familiar with the differences like you or I, it is easy to mistake it for an iPad (until you turn the screen on). It doesn't help when you look at the 10.1v (pre-iPad2) versus the 10.1 (post-iPad2).

Do I think Apple should be able to sue Samsung just for making an iPadish tablet? Hell no. But that doesn't change the fact that it's iPadish.

On topic though, the Xoom is big, black, has USB, HDMI and SD card ports, and has the word 'Motorola' stamped on the bezel. Who on earth confuses that with the iPad?

Agree. In fact I had forgotten about that old design until you reminded me...yeah, and indeed Samsung has always been mimicking Apple's products, undoubtedly, both in design and in TouchWiz. I always sigh when I see new, high-end Samsung devices - I think, "When will they stop copying Apple?"
And in contrast Motorola copies definitely nothing from Apple. I wonder what Apple's suing it for.

BTW as you mention of it, many people mistake most tablets for iPads.

Since PC's were out before Macs I think IBM should have sued Apple. They both have keyboards and screens after all. That infringed on the design of the orginal PC. I agree with most people here. Apple can't beat them on technology and features anymore so they have to file frivolous lawsuits.

You realize the iPad2 is still the highest rated, highest selling tablet ever made, right? In fact, it outsells all Android tablets by itself. Apple can't beat them at what, exactly?

The original suit against Samsung wasn't for anything Android related, AFAIK. It was based on the fact that the Galaxy Tab is basically designed to look exactly like an iPad, and seemed (to me) to be a completely fair suit. This one, on the other hand, really doesn't make any sense. The Xoom seems totally different from the iPad. I doubt this one will stick in court.

Galaxy tab 10.1 wasn't designed to look like and I pad it was designed to compete with the ipad. So sammy went thin who cares,that is what consumers want light weight and sexy.Now when you compare the two here are some differences aspect ratio,volume rocker,power button,volume control,speaker placement and flash and camera location. One definetly can distinctly tell them apart.

I don't think Apple's argument is about people mistaking one for the other (although I know some people who have) but more so is in regards to the general design. Here are the points one of my fellow posters over on the Ars Technica forums pointed out:

1) Bright metal ring, from the original iPhone, carried down to the current iPhone as a steel band and the current iPad as an aluminum edge. The Blackberries, the Pres, the TouchPads, etc, don't have that bright metal ring.
2) Glossy smooth white/black back, from the iPhone 3G/3Gs, carried down to the current iPhone as a glass white/black back. Again, there are hundreds of smartphones with variants of matte, multicolor, textured, metal, and rubber backs instead.
3) Specific icons that look similar, such as the contacts, phone, and music icons (and I think there are others), that don't look the same in other Android phones, other Samsung phones, webOS phones, and Windows phones.

Not sure if the #3 point was included in this suit, but it's arguments like this that are behind it. That plus the edge to edge glass, the way certain components are built, the fact that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 uses a 30-pin dock connector just like the iPad (it's slightly different in pin placement but looks exactly the same), etc.

Samsung has, for a while now, designed a lot of their products to look and feel like Apple products. This is why I have no issue with the suits against Samsung. However, this suit against Moto seems more than a bit silly. The build of the Xoom isn't remotely similar to the iPad

What competition? Apple's 1 tablet outsells all its "competition" combined. While I agree that this particular suit is absurd, saying that they're afraid of competition at this point in the tablet market share wars is more than a little silly.

Bylan you're kidding right? Samsung galaxy tab was ontrack to becoming the fastest selling tablet in Europe until this happened. All Apple is doing now is increasing the demand and making themselves look really petty. Now the zoom, the zoom, that's a threat? That's just trying to stop competition.

Again, missing the point. The Xoom case is completely baseless, I agree, but the Samsung one was not (which was why they were granted injunctions in both the EU and in Australia against it).

Look at my link below or look up Harold Mueller, you know wifi tether app? Take a look at his Google plus post, oh yeah apples design is highly original. Next thing Apple is going to sue all laptop manufacturers for copying their revolutionary folding laptop design.

It was original, actually. They put in the patents for the design in like 2003 or something. I could be wrong, but that's what I've seen.

Edit: I was incorrect, they got the iPad design patent in 2004.

@ Blyan
Silly? I'm not basing this on just tablets but everything. Yes apple is scared. These actions speak for itself. Yeah for a tablet that's "inferior" to the ipad, they sure are running scared. It's competition whether you agree with it or not. So spare me with your silly bs.

Inferior? Yet the iPad is still rated higher? What exactly are you basing this claim off of? If any sort of lawsuit against a competitor for patent/other such violations means they're scared, then Oracle, Samsung, Nokia, RIM, Kodak, HTC, etc, etc, etc are all equally scared. Apple's just get more press coverage. Pretty sure the company that's a couple days away from having the highest market cap of any company in the world isn't scared, they're just doing what they feel necessary to "protect" their "innovations" (interpret the quoted words as you like).

Man Mr Jobs is acting like these companies are trying to take a bite out of his apple... wait someone already did look at the apple logo :D

You can than our judicial system for this. Frivolous suits like this should be thrown out and the company fined just for wasting the courts time. However, our country is so heavily influenced by lawyers why would they bite the hand that feeds them. Perhaps HP(Palm) should sue for hand devices in general or Casio (Sorry don't really remember who came out first).

Bottom line is... it is raising prices to us the consumers for as the manufacturers have to pass on the legal costs in our products.]


Our country? This suit regards the European Union. Did you even read the very short article or go straight into full rant mode?

Apple has now become the largest law firm in the world! They own the rights to iLaw. So anybody practicing law with out concent from Apple will be disbarred.

What a bunch of iDiots.

Watch out...next they might start to claim ownership of the lowercase "i" & start suing everyone who uses one.

"Apple claims that the device looks too similar to theirs and would result in market confusion" Market confusion???? really? are there actually people who can't distinguish an ipad from android tablets? are there people who can't distinguish the diff. between mac OS windows or linux? If there are such people out there I bet they arent' buying any of these products as they don't even know that such products exist.

What kind of person would be confused whether you are getting a Xoom or an iPad? Even if they looked identical it would be easy to know which one is which based simply on packaging/branding.

Ummmmmm didn't the xoom come out before the ipad 2. U can't mistake it for the first ipad because of the cameras. N I mean look at the screen. Completely different too. Haha. Wowwwww.

it is pretty much clear that Apple is on a lawsuit rampage to destroy every possible competition out there to dominate in the world market. They come up with such nonsence as this, because they are running out of innovative ideas and concentrating on agressive measures. I really was looking into getting an ipad2 but the lack of flash and impossibility to return/refund the apps purchased from appworld were the major dealbreaker. This sh#^ty company has a very sinister way of doing their business.

oh look, Apple has truly become Big Brother.. was 1984 sooo long ago?
Now they're a verified Patent Troll too!

Big difference between Samsung and Motorols is that Motorola holds several fundamental patents in both the GSM and the CDMA radio technologies, and without access to those patents Apple can't sell anything with an antenna on it anywhere in the world. Sometimes its best just to leave the Ponderous Pachyderm alone lest it come sit on you.

man i a tellin u F apple hope one day they will go down n see wat happenz freakin apple can worry bout their selfs like foreal n datz why i still wont buy their products and ANDROID FTW!

I'm on my way to Best Buy right now to play with a Galaxy Tab. If I like it, I'll pick it up and put my iPad 2 on Craigslist. It's a shame, because I really do like the iPad, but the way Apple is behaving with patents lately is edging me toward "I don't want to give these guys any more of my money" territory.

Also, I'm pretty happy to see a general "wtf is Apple doing?" sentiment in the comments on these stories over at TiPb.

Hp was innovating the tablet market with panasonic I think well before the ipad even came out. They were having issues with windows not being too touch screen friendly. That and they were using resistance touch screen tech with a stylus. Apple innovated with a capacitive touch screen and their own operating system that was more responsive to touch screen tech. But now everyone has caught up. Time for apple to concentrate on the augmented reality glasses that link with their i devices I read 2 years shop they were throwing around.that would be innovation... Not suing people because you chose to user a basic design of your hardware.

I mean what other shapes are there that other people can use that apple won't get their panties I'm a twist. I own only one thing apple and that is a 50 dollar ipod shuffle just cause I'm an athlete and it's small and can keep up with the abuse. Was contemplating getting other apple products but if this is how they are going to do business... Forget it they are knotty getting my 50 bucks.. Hell wasn't even my 50 bucks.. I got it as a gift. Uk continue to but my music from amazon.. St least their mp3 files can play on any device unlike apple.

I propose that we should no longer refer to the half eaten fruit company by its registered name but by "SUEple". Since I have mentioned this idea I expect a SUEpena from SUEple for name & patent infrigements. The half eaten fruit company will make a case that I violated a thought Mr. Jobs had on October 17th 1984 that all ideas from that point forward were his and that all interested in using the idea must submit for his approval.

The more they do this the less I like them. Millions of dollars are tied up in legal costs that could be going to better use. The only people making out with all these suits are the lawyers.

All the "Pre-apple" devices seem to have something in common with an another item.

If you are a technology company as apple is and are more concerned about how your product looks than how it works I would be worried about your future. It shouldn't be whats on the outside that helps you sell your product but what it does for me.

Right now NO tablet does it for me because all of them fall short in the areas that interest me (namely being a mobile replacement for my laptop which means it has to do everything my laptop can do)

Well they're the highest rated overall tablet (for now) based on both looks and performance, so I'd say they still reign king there. It's only a matter of time before a worthwhile Android tablet comes out to really compete with it, but so far it just hasn't happened. The point was more so that everyone changed their form factor once the iPad came out.

The XOOM, really? Lol wow Apple. If they should be suing anyone its those iphone knockoffs you see in like China. Or those ipod knockoffs you see in arcade machines! But not a big black slab like the XOOM!

I hear MIUI is releasing their own phone, that should make for fun drama :)

-And not knocking MIUI, I actually think that it (and CM7) are pretty awesome.

I wonder how long it is till Apple sues Asus for the Transformer. Might as well while their at it...


"Apple claims that the device looks too similar to theirs and would result in market confusion."


I don't know about you guys but, I sure as hell wouldn't be dumb enough to get confused and buy a piece of tech thinking it was made by someone other then the clearly marked logos and names that are on the boxes.. Come on.. Seriously?!?! If the Apple faithful are that stupid then..... Whatever.. We need more bullets...

It's way past time for corporate law to go to hell, this crap is beyond ridiculous..

So I suppose you hate Motorola, HTC, Samsung, RIM etc. who are all involved in similarly ridiculous patent suits, correct?

So how is that hearing going to go?

So, what measurements does the Xoom share with the Ipad?

Does it share the same screen aspect ratio?

It must use the same operating system!

I see it has a music player. It must have Itunes or another native music and video store!
No. Movies, but they're just rentals....

Is there a similarity in the placement of buttons?

How about speakers? Are they in the same place?
Umm. No.

Is the name of the device similar? Maybe something like Ipal? Itab?
No. Just Xoom

Is it the same color?

Is their camera the same as the Ipad?
Uh. Theirs has a flash. Ours doesn't.

Is the camera placement the same?

They both have headphone jacks. Are they in the same place?

Interface. That must be the same. Does the Motorola Xoom use the same plugs for charging and computer interface that the Ipad does?
No. They have HDMI, Micro USB, and a contact charger. We don't have any of them.

So what exactly is your argument, counselor for Apple?

Um. Steve doesn't like it.

Well, if Steve doesn't like it then by all means. It is illegal!

No. Tell Steve to cram it. Better yet, tell him to ICram it.

Not sure what this has to do with Steve, as he has nothing to do with their litigation team (AFAIK). Yeah, it's a ridiculous lawsuit. They won't win (but they may against Samsung). No need to freak out.

I love apple but come on, put out a great product that speaks for itself then you won't have to do this. Pathetic. And I am an apple girl but I know bull $h!t when I smell it

It's bull, plain and simple. Scared of the competition? Well, then they need to change the design. Make it thinner. Add Kal-El when it arrives. Ice Cream Sandwich which will also be on the phones. Temporary set back at best. Apple is just a bully, pure and simple. I will never buy another Apple Product again.

So you won't be buying/using any Samsung HTC, Nokia, Oracle, Kodak, Microsoft, Motorola, RIM, etc. products anymore either, correct? I mean, they're all engaged in similar lawsuits against competition, so obviously they ALL must be scared and you shouldn't buy their products. Have fun owning NO technology.

Things are getting more and more interesting.

Obviously Apple initiated the tablet craze, so every tablet that looks rectangular, around 1 cm thick and with buttons infringe Apple's 'patents'. Apple should sue them all. By the way, all smartphones can call, can have apps, can work by touch etc, so they're infringing Apple's 'patents' too! (sarcastic)

I understand that Apple simply has too much money to spare, and they're spamming it to pave the iPad's way to a prosperous future. In this manner, all wealthy corporations are going to monopolize their market. No, this can't happen. Only competition makes products better.

Guess what, Apple? Your intentions are so clear that every single techy guy knows what you're trying to do.

If they are going to sue for patents I can understand, however they clearly state the issue is over design. Thats like Asus suing every company that produced a netbook. The product has Motorola stamped on the front, its not some cheap Chinese knockoff that printed an apple with no bite taken out of it on the back.

To be fair, I was out with my Xoom one day and a stranger said something to me, referring to it as an ipad. I think to non-techie people any tablet is an ipad unfortunately.

Dr. Egon Spengler: I'm worried, Ray. It's getting crowded in the handset market and all my data points to something big on the horizon.

Winston Zeddemore: What do you mean, big?

Dr. Egon Spengler: *Hold up a twinkie* let's say this Twinkie represents the normal amount of douchebaggery in a company. Based on this morning's sample of Apple, it would be a Twinkie... thirty-five feet long, weighing approximately six hundred pounds.

wow I would love to smack the apple CEO in the face with my xoom and say did that look like an iPad? Enough is enough apple does have some good looking products and built well too but damn I can not give you any of my money not if you are like this...

I hope that apple knows that google could sue them for features in iOS5 that are already in Google's Android os such as the drop down notification bar or the launch app from lock screen.

a question regarding patent, i know motorola invented the phone, does anyone know whether motorola has patent the phone technology, if so can motorola sue apple with each iphone series for making the phone, either stop them from making any future iphone, and royalties from the already millions sold, and i'm sure with motorola holding over 16000 patent, i'm sure there is something in there that they can attack apple with, and other manufacturer, but thats a different story.