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Google Play Music

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Google Play Music is a multi-use app that both comes as a pre-installed music app on all Google-certified Android devices but can also be installed and updated from the Play Store on older devices. It works with music files that have been loaded on your phone manually, with streaming from your own collection uploaded to Google Play Music, with purchased music from the Play Store or even through a paid monthly subscription service to access even more music.

All Access is Google's subscription music service that lives within Google Play Music, giving users access to millions of songs for a flat monthly fee of $10. Those who subscribe to Google Play Music All Access have the ability to stream, download, create playlists and share tracks, regardless of whether they actually own them or are simply accessing them with their monthly subscription. All Access can be used across 10 devices tied to a single account, but playback is limited to one device at a time.

Google Play Music has evolved pretty dramatically since its first unveiling in mid-2011 when it came as an invite-only service, but is well-regarded as being a great all-in-one app choice for music lovers of all kinds. On September 29, 2015, Google announced the Google Play Music Family Plan, which allows families to use the service on up to six devices for $14.99 per month.


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Google Play Music gets huge Eastern European expansion

Google Play Music gets huge Eastern European expansion

In its latest expansion, the Google Play Music service is available in more countries, many of them located in Eastern Europe. Residents of these countries will also have access to Play Music's subscription streaming service known as All Access as well. Here is the full list of recently added...
Google Play Music update

Google Play Music integrates Songza in Material Design update

Music based on activities and moods has arrived with redesigned app and in web playback Google Play Music today not only looks better thanks to an incoming update to Material Design, it's about to sound better, too. Google has announced that it's adding in curation from Songza, which it acquired...
Google Play Music

Has Google Play Music's deauthorization limit been lifted?

A couple of months back Google reintroduced limits on the number of devices Google Play Music subscribers could deauthorize each year. Whereas before you could remove mobile devices from your ten-device bank at any time, from Aug. 7 users were told they could deauthorize just four per year. Now...
Google Play Music

This week's sidebar poll: What paid music service do you use?

Vote in this week's poll and tell us your favorite! We've been having a bit of discussion around the water cooler that past week. It seems we (the editors here at AC) have all hit the device de-authorization limit for Google Play Music. That means, for the next year we're stuck and can't use the...
I Heart Google Play Music + Songza!

Despite Apple's professed love of music, it's Google that owns my share of ear

I've watched every Apple keynote since the original iPhone was announced. Almost every time Apple execs take to the big stage, at some point during the presentation they profess the company's love for music. Apple's iPhone 6 event was no exception. After announcing the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus,...
Google Play kicks off Labor Day with free Katy Perry 'Prism' album download

Google Play Music kicks off Labor Day with free Katy Perry 'Prism' album download

Looking for some tunes to accompany your Labor Day party? Google has you covered and Google Play Music is now offering everyone a chance to download Katy Perry's Prism album featuring 13 tracks for free. The pop album was released in October 2013 and so far has amassed quite a number of positive...
YouTube Music Key rumored to bring Google Play Music All Access and more

YouTube Music Key rumored to bring Google Play Music All Access and more

Google is rumored to be working on some big changes to its music subscription program for Google Play Music All Access as well as for YouTube. Under a new YouTube Music Key program, Google is slated to roll out a new music streaming program that will also see its current Google Play Music All...
Google brings All Access to South and Central America

Google brings All Access to South and Central America

Google has announced that it is expanding its All Access pass to South and Central America, giving select countries the ability to stream Google Play Music for a small monthly fee. In a Google+ blog post, Google says that All Access is now arriving in 9 new countries. Residents of The...
Google Play Music

Google Play Music now limits you to 4 mobile device deauthorizations per year

It seems Google has reimposed the limits on device deauthorizations for Google Play Music that were originally put in place a couple of years ago, before being lifted shortly afterwards. The Play Music settings page — and Google's support docs — now inform users "you can deauthorize four devices...
Google Play Music widgets

Google Play Music updated with new widgets, public playlists in search

Google Play Music is receiving a relatively minor version bump to v5.6.1616 (from 5.6.1609), but it packs two new widgets, public playlists in search results and better management of your downloaded music. First up are the two new widgets, the first of which is basically a complete rewrite of the...
All Access in Google Play

Google Play Store now tells you when albums are in All Access

One of the many cool things to come from Google's Material Design update to the Play Store app, which now features big beautiful images and colorful icons when you select just about anything, is a huge deal for All Access subscribers. After this update hits your phone or tablet, you'll be able to...
Google Play Music

Google Play Music and All Access comes to 6 more countries

Google has enabled support for Google Play Music and All Access to the following new countries today: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Ukraine. Now folks in those parts of the world will be able to stream their own music from Google to any Android or iOS device — or their computer...
Weird Al

Weird Al gets 'Tacky' in latest video, new album now available in Google Play

To celebrate the launch of his new album, Mandatory Fun, Weird Al Yankovic is kicking off his #8videos8days project with this, the video for new song, "Tacky." A parody of the insanely popular Pharrell Williams track, "Happy," the video features a number of cameo appearances from a number of...
Songza acquired by Google

Google takes on Beats with Songza acquisition

Google is taking on Apple's acquisition of Beats Music with its own acquisition of Songza, a streaming service that delivers "contextual expert-curated playlists" to listeners. Right now, Google is running Songza as a separate company, but Google Play revealed in a Google+ post that it expects to...
Google Play Music

Google Play Music updated with small UI changes, clarity on authorized devices

Update: It looks as though we pulled the trigger a little early on thinking authorized devices were limited in the "smartphone" category. After adding 6+ phones to our account, we were still able to stream music on all of them. The post has been updated to reflect this. Original story: Google...
Nexus 7 2013

Get 3 months' Google All Access free with purchase of a Nexus 7 2013

The Nexus 7 2013 offers great value for money in itself, but if you were to buy one anytime from today until the end of September, you stand to get a 3 month subscription to Google All Access for free. After purchasing the tablet, a subscription code will be emailed to you, which you can use...
Google Play Music and a Sonos Play:1

Buy a Sonos, get a free six month trial of Google Play Music All Access

Sonos is meant to stream your music wirelessly to speakers throughout your house, and now it can help you do the same for less. The company is now running a promotion wherein you can purchase any Sonos product (excepting the all-connecting Bridge) and get a free six month trial of Google Play...
Google Play Music

Google Play Music All Access now available in Denmark and Poland

Good news everyone! Google has cooked up whatever deals they needed to cook to get Google Play Music and All Access in Denmark and Poland. This brings the total number of countries with Play Music and All Access support to 28. While there are still quite a few places without access, we've pretty...
What I'm using: Radiant Player for Google Play Music on OSX

What I'm using: Radiant Player for Google Play Music on OSX

Web-based players are fine, but there are times when I'd prefer to have a native application for Google Play Music, for any number of reasons. Maybe I've already got 60 tabs open, and one more will drive me over the edge. Maybe I want to be able to use the play-pause controls on my keyboard. So...
Google Play Music

Google Play Music All Access crosses the border to Canada

Google's Play Music All Access subscription service is now streaming in Canada! By signing up to All Access, you can get a healthy cloud library of tunes, as well as your own private collection. Us Canadians are used to these sorts of services taking awhile to get up here, but it sure is welcome...



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Google Play Music


Before the latest update, this app was phenomenal. Since the update, it keeps opening on its own and burning through my battery life. I even tried forcing it closed, but after about ten minutes it turns itself back on in the background. Is there any way this issue can be addressed in short order. I love this app and really do not want to uninstall it.

yes i like the app, but in the earlier version this app have got a auto off option, which i use it often in nyt. right now i could not find the same. kindly consider this in the next update.