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    Google Play Movies & TV

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    • Vendor: Google Inc.
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    Google Play Movies and TV is the app for the video content users can buy in Google's Play Store. Purchases may show up in YouTube in Purchases, but this app is the piece de resistance for playback features. Slide your finger across the screen for fast forward or rewind, remember playback position if you need to bail on Blazing Saddles and actually get back to work, and the helpful tidbits of information you can find by tapping actors' faces and seeing their bio and other works. Pinning content for offline playback is simple and more importantly conscientious: if you own HD content you have a setting to decide if you would prefer the HD or SD copy for offline playback.

    Content, and thus the usefulness of the app, is constrained by content deals and countries of availability. More countries are being added every month, but alas, it is nowhere near complete. Movies are available in over 70 countries, but TV Shows are only available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom. That’s a royal shame, but content deals and the legislation around them are different for every government.


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    Google Play Movies & TV finally gets Android TV playback right in new update

    A much-needed tune-up in Google's latest Android TV app updates. It seems odd that the Android TV apps I liked the least were Google's own. But nevertheless, it was. Sure, all my purchases are in Google Play Movies & TV and all my subscriptions are in YouTube, but pausing was a two-click...
    Google Play Movie Promo

    Enjoy 75% off a single movie rental from the Google Play Store

    The Google Play Store is currently offering 75% off a single movie rental, which is quite the substantial savings for those looking to stack up on content to welcome the new year. There's also a neat deal to see you try out Google's Music streaming service over three months for just $1 (£1),...
    LG Smart TVs now have Google's Play Movies & TV

    LG Smart TVs gain access to Google's Play Movies & TV in 100 countries

    LG has announced that its Smart TV's are gaining access to Google Play Movies & TV in more than 100 countries, bringing tons of new content to the television set. With this, you'll now be able to browse all of the best classics, new releases, independent films and more that Play Movies &...
    Google Play Movies comes to 3 new countries, as paid Newsstand content rolls out to 4

    Google Play Movies and paid Newsstand content roll out to more countries

    Google is expanding access to paid content on Google Play Movies and Newsstand to a handful of new countries today. In all, Movies will be available in three new countries, while Newsstand is hitting four. Here's a breakdown of where Google Play Movies and Newsstand content is landing today:...
    Google Play discounts select movies to $4

    Interstellar, Horrible Bosses 2, Hunger Games and others only $4 on Google Play

    Google Play is showing a bunch of movie titles, such as Interstellar, Horrible Bosses 2, and several others for a big discount. Select movie titles have been discounted down to just $3.99 in Google Play currently. The new promotion lets you buy, not rent, a bunch of titles in HD quality at a...
    Google Play promotion offers up tons of hit movies for only $5

    Google Play promotion offers up tons of hit movies for only $5 each

    If you're looking for a good way to spend your Friday night, you might want to check out Google Play's most recent movie promotion. Currently, you can score a number of hit movies from the storefront, such as Inception, Anchorman, and Looper, for a cool $5. There are far too many titles to...
    Surrounded by sound

    How to fix poor audio on your Nexus 9

    Not all audio tracks are created equal, turning off the emulated 'surround sound' may help Ever fire up a movie (even one you've downloaded) in the Google Play Movies and TV app on your Nexus 9, and noticed the sound was just horribad? That underwater warbly sound likely isn't an issue with your...
    Google Play Movies & TV getting info cards, material design in next update

    Google Play Movies & TV getting info cards, material design makeover in next update

    The Google Play Movies & TV app is getting soon that will add some interactivity to your movie watching. The update will also bring Google's new material design to the app. When you cast a movie through the app, either to the Chromecast or Nexus Player, Play Movies & TV will now show...
    Google Play Movies lands in Ireland

    Google Play Movies lands in Ireland

    Customers in Ireland now have access to Google Play Movies as the service is now available in that country. With the arrival of Google Play Movies, customers can now rent or purchase movies and stream them to their devices. Studios on board include: 20th Century Fox Movies, Curzon, Disney...
    Google Play Movies

    Google Play Books, Movies expand to dozens of new countries

    Google has just expanded content offerings for Books and Movies to dozens of new countries today. For Google Play Books, it's 11 new countries, and for Google Play Movies, it's a whopping 21 new countries. There are still plenty more countries for the content to be expanded to, but it's always...
    Google Play Movies offline

    Google Play Movies soon will be accessible offline for Chrome OS

    We're keeping an eye on the Google-Intel Chrome OS livestream, and this little nugget just dropped: Google Play Movies will be available offline on Chrome OS later this year. That'll help with the major criticism with Chrome OS — that the web browser-turned laptop becomes all but useless...

    Google offering credit towards movie rentals with British Chromecast

    A quick heads up to any Brits looking at getting a Chromecast soon that Google is throwing in a little Play Store credit for good measure. Currently advertised in the UK Play Store, if you buy and set up a Chromecast by July 15 Google will give you £4.99 towards a movie rental from the store....


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