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Updates are now pushing out for two major Google apps on the Google Play Store. First up is Google Chrome, the de facto default browser for Android 4.0 and above. ARM-based devices are updated to Chrome 18.0.1025464, while Intel-based phones like the Motorola RAZR i get version 18.0.1026320. The official Chrome release blog notes important stability fixes for the newly-announced Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, while the Play Store listing indicates performance improvements for all devices.

Meanwhile, Google Earth has been bumped up to version 7.0.1, which has been pushed out to fix a handful of remaining bugs.

Hit the Google Play Store on your device to grab today's updates. Or if you've yet to try them, you can pick up Chrome here and Google Earth here.

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App updates rolling out for Google Chrome and Google Earth


Any chance this update will correct the API conflicts with Swype that cause it to shit the bed when backspacing in already entered text fields in Chrome?

I have the same issue, however I've noticed that it is FAR better if you uncheck Auto-correct in the preferences of Swype.

It still has the same issues, but seems to be less severe and you can actually get past it without deleting everything and starting over in a textbox.

Anyone else notice that as updates for android have came out (4.1, 4.1.1, 4.1.2) the "stock" browser becoming more and more unstable? Not responding and such.

When do we get full screen browsing in Chrome? Apple's bogus numbers on 'usable screen size' come close to factual only because it was a comparison to Chrome when the tabs, status bar, and UI buttons are all on screen... Gimme full screen!!!

This is the one issue I have with Chrome. I love the quick 'thumb' settings on stock browser and browsing full screen. Would be lovely to have that on the Nexus 7.

Those were the two reasons I actually scrolled down to the comments here. Seeing that Chrome is now moving to default on most newly launched devices, these are musts. Android obviously doesn't seem to be getting rid of the concept of quick controls since they are now in the camera app, so lets hope the Chrome team gets these features added very soon.

Apple's bogus numbers are more to do with the fact that all websites on the Nexus 7 are zoomed by 1.3 by default (device-pixel-ratio) so that the text is readable and buttons clickable without needing to zoom. It seems that the iPad Mini just displays websites really small and lets the users zoom (on almsot every page presumably).

The status bar and swipe notifications are a centerpiece of Android. You will never see the browser default to full-screen. At most, you will see a menu option or a lab setting for it. As many people as there are that want full-screen, there are twice as many people who want to see their texts, missed calls and other notifications in the status bar during long browsing sessions. It "breaks" the fluid experience they want to offer people. Most people can live with the 2 centimeters taken by the status bar.

Just reinstalled Chrome on my S3 with Cynanogen 10 M2. The stock browser is buttery smooth, even on heavy image pages (amazingribs . com). I tried that same site on the new Chrome and it crashed EVERY TIME. Unbelievable how bad Chrome is. Also, ESPN mobile site is still far from smooth and it is a pretty good mobile site. I swipe up on it and it lags a half second at times. Utter trash.

I don't think it's the Chrome teams job to get their browser working on CM. Just loaded both of those sites on my Galaxy Nexus and they worked perfectly. In fact, Chrome has never crashed on my phone.

This is the first time I've ever seen Chrome fail like that. All that aside, Chrome is still trash due to the abysmal performance compared to Apple's Safari and Stock Browser. Its no where near as smooth. I've run several different mods on my S3, Nexus 7 and HTC EVO LTE. Chrome is trash on all of them. Dolphin and boat browser do well. S3 Twiz ICS stock has been the smoothest. I haven't tried the Jelly Bean version of TWiz Stock browser as I'm running CM10 for now. Still...Chrome sucks and I'm by far not the only one that knows this. Thankfully replacements exist. The only place where their is no true replacement is on my Nexus. I can't get the slick tablet ESPN page on the other browsers (haven't tried adding in the Stock browser though)

Anyone notice the icon changed to the little Android robot?

EDIT - Strange, removed the icon from the homescreen and added it back and its fine.

Got rid of that bloated app called Chrome and replaced with Boat Browser Mini and its ICS theme.

Now my browser experience is flawless every time.

Wow y'all... I've never had any issues with Chrome on my N7, HP Touchpad (ICS), Nexus S 4G (a little slow here though), or a Galaxy S3. I was actually surprised to see the hate!

And I had never heard of "Boat Browser" but I checked out the Play store page and it looks BAD... screen real estate seems horribly utilized, but I haven't actually given it a shot. Just my first thoughts on it.