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Good news for benchmark junkies, as one of the leading Android apps of this kind has today received a major update. AnTuTu Benchmark 3 brings a host of new features to the popular benchmark app, including a new dedicated 2D benchmark, and a 3D benchmark based upon OpenGL ES 2.0. Other changes include improved SD card detection and security features to prevent tampering with the app.

This version also improves support for a number of high-end devices, including the HTC Droid DNA and LG Nexus 4, both of which use Qualcomm's quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip. Our Nexus 4 scores averaged around 17,500, a considerable increase over the 10,000 or so widely reported on the earlier AnTuTu 2.94. And our Droid DNA scored even higher, clocking in at just over 19,000.

The full changelog for the current version 3.0.1 can be found after the break. The free download can be grabbed from Google Play at the link above.

  • New OpenGL ES 2.0 3D benchmark for 3D game performance test.
  • Fully new 2D benchmark for 2D game performance test.
  • Add compare page to compare scores with hot devices.
  • Auto stop the benchmark if detected the app has been modified.
  • Redesigned and adjustment app UI.
  • Enhance SDCard path detection.
  • Fixed some web page auto pop up bug.
  • Fixed sometimes get stuck in splash screen.
  • Fixed submit score page appear twice after benchmark.
  • Update Italian and Ukraine translate.

Reader comments

AnTuTu Benchmark 3 now available


This is why i consider benchmarks as stupid. nexus 4 was slow untill now and with this software update it become super speedy??

Its not that, the app(antutu benchmark in this case) wasn't developed to correctly measure an S4 quad+adreno320, because there weren't any phones with those CPU+GPU combo. This was easy to understand from the technical point of view, but I guess Haters gonna hate.

Thats exactly why its called stupid. A benchmark software should not be tweaked to give better numbers for a hardware. I am not a hater but The reason why i pointed this out is because when people started sharing Nexus 4 benchmarks they bitched that its very low. many like me said the number means nothing. I would still say it this number means nothing. This app can still be tweaked to give better numbers for nexus 4

The benchmarks were NOT "tweaked" for different hardware, as any programmer would know. The issue is that new features (like OpenGL ES 2.0) are not just implemented in software, but in hardware as well. Those hardware features are useless, however, unless the software it is running is coded to use them. There are a number of new features that speed up processing and graphics performance on both the S4 Pro and the Adreno 320. The old AnTuTu benchmark, however, was not coded to use them, which falsely showed decreased performance of the chips. It's like doing a drag race, but only allowing your car to shift up to 4th gear and calling it an accurate time. Since the new version DOES implement those features it now reflects the true performance of the chips.

This has ALWAYS been an issue with benchmarks. Simply put: they get old and out-of-date. If you are old enough to remember it the same issues were had with benchmarks like 3DMark and Sandra when AMD & Intel released their various 3DNow and SSE instruction sets respectively. Those benchmarks had to be frequently updated and even completely rewritten to utilize those instructions so they could truly reflect those CPU's performance. Even real-world examples like FRAPS have the same issue, since those benchmarks are a snapshot in time based on what was then available technology.

Exactly, I would say that is not the benchmark numbers are stupid, you should know how to take those numbers and make a conclusion , for example I remember the engadget review showing people how crappy its the nexus 4 performance according to benchmarks, but the guy never took a second to think why those numbers? maybe its because of XXXX? and we all end reading the most stupid comments about how crappy its the XXXX newest phone and how the XXXX older phone its better.

The Nexus 4 keeps becoming a better and better deal... first LTE.. now benchmarks magically go up. All for $350 :\

If they sell at $350 in here I will buy it in an instant!
But it's not even available yet, and from what I heard, outside of Google Play Store, Nexus 4 will be sold over $500 or $550..
Not a bad deal either, but still, where is it?

I'm not really familiar with how these benchmarks really work but a jump from 10,000 to 17,500 sounds like a bit much. Also why would a different phone running the same chips score another 1,500 higher on a more bloated version of the OS? Where does the Optimus G score?

Optimus G its running 4.0, nexus 4 its 4.2, different OS, maybe that project butter implemented in 4.1+higher, makes the phone smoother but it also have an impact in CPU+GPU performance

Any updates on the N10 performance? I was predicting that once benchmarks apps were updated to be compatible the scores would improve. My N10 is at home so I can't check right now.

I have not done a benchmark in years. My GNote 2 is fast,
Not really concerned what benchmarks say about it. I figured this out when they started launching international phones with different chips from their US counterparts. The GNex is still HSPA+ regardless of its processor.

13500 for my Nexus 10 for the Guy asking. I still think this is really fast on real life using... As fast as my tprime used to be. (better than n10 on antutu)