AT&T's march toward a network full of 4G LTE data continues, with three four new cities announced (so far) this morning. They are:

  • Wilkes-Barre, Penn.
  • Nashua, N.H.
  • Grand Rapids, Mich.
  • Auburn-Opelika, Ala.

So, that's three more to go along with the dozens we've seen go live in the last few months. If you're still waiting, hang in there. The ball's a-rollin'. And if you've got an LTE-capable device, keep your eye on that data indicator.

Source: AT&T


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Another week, more LTE locations for AT&T


Nashua, NH has had LTE for a month or so, they made it live (at least according to the coverage map) since they expanded the Boston area coverage.

That's it?? Is this even real LTE? Chicago and pretty much most of Illinois has this "LTE". It's def blazing, but I don't know the bands so I can't tell if it's LTE or not.

Good news for att bad news for sprint. I thought sprint was going to continue rolling new locations out as fast at att. I guess not. Lets hope when sprint turns on their next batch its at least 8 or 10 new locations. Especially since they said couple months ago that about 100 new markets would go live before end of year. If they don't it is not looking good for sprint especially with tmobile announcing their lte billion dollar plan.

Don't hold your breath on Sprint. I left them in the dust. If its economically feasible for you to jump ship to ATT or Verizon, I'd say do it. I couldn't be happier with ATT's coverage. HSPA+ is 3-4x faster than Sprint's "3G" and when I go into Los Angeles County on my weekends, LTE lights up. FAST.
Sprint LIED about LTE roll-out ETA's in LA, SD and most of So Cal. Speak with your wallet!

EDIT: Response to Enraged Medic

Sprint really can't get it together when it comes to "4G." Back in 2011 when Wimax was "turned on" in Miami, it was a lie. I called multiple times to tell them that something was definitely wrong, and all they could tell me was "a tower was down." Was there a tower down in ALL of South FL? And then they announced they would ditch Wimax. Realizing I would never be able to use something other than their terrible 3G for a while, I jumped ship. T-Mobiles HSPA+ is fast enough for my needs, and I got an unlimited plan with them. I'm betting T-mobile will beat Sprint in terms of LTE coverage once they start deploying it in 2013. I have no faith left in Sprint.

@enraged medic/inyrules

I use a Galaxy S III on Sprint in Houston Texas and I will can only tell you that 3G on Sprint is crappy. But since upgrading to an LTE phone I find that I basically have to go out to where it is basically country fields with very small communities to find no LTE signal.
Once you get Sprint LTE, the benefits start rolling in.
(Does Verizon or AT&T Galaxy S III's with LTE come with Google Wallet installed? Does the T-Mobile Galaxy S III have truly unlimited high speed data that allows a tethering add-on? Is Sprints LTE network overly saturated?)

Just saying, once you have Sprint LTE service we Sprint customers tend to stop complaining.

AT&T just turned on LTE for Melbourne, FL sometime before 9 am this morning! I assume it will be for all of Brevard county; the Space Coast east of Orlando.

I have measured speeds of 45-62 Mbps download and a consistent 17-22 Mbps upload.

I now have opted to leave wifi off some of the time since my ping times are just as short also! (~75 ms). LTE is also 4-6 times faster than my wifi too, and unlimited data is nice to have finally.

I'm surprised that my battery life seems to be the same. This iPhone uses the same chip for all the radios, so no dual radios to drain my battery, however a phone call changed my data connection to "4G" during the call for obvious reasons, LTE still carries no voice yet. So I had to deal with my DC-HSPA+ at a slow 7-11 Mbps during the call. (I obviously didn't watch video during the call so DC-HSPA+ is perfectly fine.)

LTE seems to be on in Brevard County, FL with the exception of on the Kennedy Space Center. The towers on KSC seem to be 4G only still. But I have had LTE signal in Titusville, Port St. John, Merritt Island, Cocoa, Rockledge, and Viera.

I am with Sprint, and I get LTE on my iPhone 5 in some parts of Merritt Island, Florida. It is strongest at the Merritt Island Airport (All 5 bars LTE). I did a speedtest there and got 32 download and 8.8 upload, which I was very happy with. Hoping it keeps spreading around Brevard County. Also got good Sprint LTE in Titsuville, so it seems they need to fill in the gap between there and South MI, LTE is still spotty in between those boundaries.