We're looking forward to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 so much that we'll watch videos that basically re-hash the same features we've already seen over and over again (at least this one's in English!). The video above again showcases the 'Rachael' UI that makes us drool over the XPERIA X10 and it looks surprisingly speedy and very usable. Hopefully seeing the XPERIA X10 so polished already means that the February release date is more likely.

We're going to keep reporting any tidbit of information regarding the XPERIA X10 until we get our hands on it because we have supreme faith that this might be the next 'it' Android device. What do you guys think?



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Another Video of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Pops Up


Ok, is there anyway POSSIBLE to somehow put HTC Sense 2.0 on this phone by the time it comes out?


Seems like a lot of lag in the UI. I'm kinda disappointed by that video. Several times the touch didn't seem to register the first time, or didn't select what was trying to be selected. Screen alignment may cure some of that???

A sony rep clearly stated on this youtube page that its old software, and that it will be snappy. Quit complaining about early developement software. When it comes out, if it is still laggy, then speak all you want..