LG Optimus VU

The LG Optimus Vu is poised to become the latest oversized smartphone when it makes its debut at Mobile World Congress in a week. And tonight, LG global communications director Ken Hong on Twitter showed a picture of it playing Korean KBS TV, with what appears to be an antenna sticking out of one corner. That's not new for Asian phones. The LG Optimus Z we reviewed back in 2010 sported an antenna as well, though for obvious reasons it doesn't do much for us here in the States. 

Source: @visitken


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Another look at the LG Optimus Vu -- with television antenna in tow


That antennae would last roughly 2 mins. in my possession. Side bezel looks horrible in this pic. I like the 4:3 ratio but I'll wait til it's on a edge to edge screen to even consider it feasible.

Nasty. Phone looks horrific. I'm looking at my Epic Touch and thinking, "So glad I have this awesome, perfectly sized phone.

It does not look to bad. Don't forget...small Asian hands holding it. Look like an ICS device. No menu buttons. Could be a cool device.

I remember having an extendable antenna on my LG Voyager for some TV service I never used.

We've come a long way. Let's not got back, OK?

I know it's probably pronounced "view" but in my troubled head, I keep hearing this as "The Optimus Voo."

Seems strange to opt for 4:3 ratio. Unless a lot of Korean tv is still broadcast that way. Thought most things were 16:9 nowadays.