LG continues to try and wow the world ahead of the launch of their latest superphone, with yet another promotional video. This time around, the camera on the forthcoming LG Optimus G is the center of attention, with some bold claims being made by the Korean OEM. 

We're promised a 13MP rear shooter -- although in some markets, this will be reduced to 8MP -- with world beating image quality for smartphones. The ultra slim camera module was developed in house by LG Innotek, and has one of the largest pixel counts on a smartphone to date. As we've said before though, mega pixels mean nothing if the image quality is poor. 

An emphasis on new technologies, and "state of the art" comes across through the video, with the overall design of the phone itself not being compromised for the sake of a huge camera. Instead, it is the camera that has undergone a transformation. 

Features such as time machine camera, smart shutter and voice activated shooting are also mentioned. All around, the Optimus G is shaping up to be a goliath of an Android smartphone, and the more we learn the more excited we are to finally, one day get our hands on it. Whether or not the "worlds best" moniker holds up though, well, that's a story for another day.


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Another LG Optimus G promo surfaces, promises world beating camera


You know what, nobody would release a perfect phone because that would prevent users from getting future ones.
Button layout? Depends on individual taste.
And even if there were such a perfect one it would cost hell.
Anyway what I was trying to say is that however awesome the specs are, LG phones are still crap without support & updates.

Sorry amadeus someone pro-LG accidentally removed by justified comment, making yours look random.

Really nice phone, but bad it's LG. Optimus 2x first dual core, still don't have ICS. LG worst support. Make Good Phone and no SW, where is logic?

So what I gather from this is that instead of changing the phone for better optics they changed the laws of physics. How clever. I'll believe it when I see it.

You really want to know what we want, then ask us. Ill tell you what we want and you tell me that you can give it. Feel free to add.

Good low light capability. I dont need machine shot, I need to not have to turn on every light in the house to be able to take a picture of my sleeping baby.

Optical zoom. Digital zoom is so overrated and so terrible for the image its practically worthess.

Fast shutter speed. That delay in taking a picture ruins everything.

Flash that doesnt drown out the picture.

Good uploading/sharing interface and a PHYSICAL CAMERA BUTTON. Make me feel like im taking a picture with a g damned camera. And if I have to ask a stranger to take a picture for me, I dont want to have to be able to find someone under the age of 50 that knows how to work a touch screen.

I personally will gladly take a little THICKER phone to get all these features. Thats right, I dont need/nor I WANT paper thin phones. I actually prefer a robust feel so when I inevitablly drop it I dont worry that it will break into a million pieces. Lets start there, then get smaller. Im pretty sure thats how technology works anyways, right?

You could make it 100 megapixels and that wouldn't help the quality one bit. As long as you are constrained to a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny little sensor and lens, megapixels are totally irrelevant.

This is total marketing nonsense.