galaxy s II

Samsung has been on a tear recently with its commercials for the upcoming Galaxy S II and now another one has hit YouTube. This one focuses on the thinness of the device, particularly that its small enough to fit under a door. It is pretty impressive that Samsung has been able to include the high end specs inside a device that is 8.49mm thick. 

Enough talking though, see it for yourself after the break! [YouTube]


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Another Galaxy S II commercial from Samsung appears, this time touting thinness


If this comes out for Verizon I would have to pick it up...not like the bionic is coming out any time soon...who knows...this probably won't even make it to Verizon!

i can so see the owner of that house losing so much money on air escaping through that crack at the door. =)

but seriously...either drop in US already or stop taunting us!

Updates? I don't need no stinking updates, I can fit under a door, so much more useful than the latest version of Android...right?

you're right samsung NEVER releases updates....except that the nexus s was first to have 2.3, and the galaxy s line also got 2.3 (ahead of even the nexus one) yes please keep beating this dead LIE of a horse.

Wut? Nexus one got GB over a month ago. GS in other markets just barely got it and GS in the states still doesn't have it. Soooo... not a lie. Samsung has done very poorly with updates to their phones.

Soooooo Yeahhhhh it's still a lie, a big one, So what if it released over seas what other phones currently out in the US have an official GB release? I'll take your word on the Nexus one, my supervisor has the nexus one and keeps telling me he still doesn't have the update yet. The list of upcoming releases for GB so far are the Epic 4g, the Galaxy S (already released in Europe), the G2X, the Droid X, the Incredible, and the Evo. Those are devices which have been in the news and have been slated to get GB out of all the manufacturers Samsung is already ahead of the curve. This crap about how slow Samsung is with updates is really based on NOTHING. But please by all means keep ignoring the facts.

You've obviously been living under a rock. While I agree with you that Samsung is pretty timely with their updates in Europe, over here in the US it's been a fiasco. Whether the blame is to fall on Samsung or the American carriers is still debatable, but either way the updates have been a long drawn out process, and unfortunately even after all the waiting, it has not been the smoothest thanks to Samsung's crappy Kies software, or the carriers molesting the OS with their bloatware, causing even further delays and bugs.

Personally I am cautious of owning a Samsung device, especially with the carrier bloat they allow, but the one saving grace is that their hardware is cutting edge, and they are very hacker friendly with their unlocked boot loaders.

The only way I would consider using a Samsung device is if I were ready to root and run a custom rom from day one, otherwise I would never get updates in a reasonable time frame here in the US, and that's a fact that many of their US customers had to learn the hard way.