Samsung continues to release teaser videos for the Galaxy Note 4 reveal event that's scheduled for September 3. This new clip focuses on the S Pen, which apparently will get a lot of attention at the Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin.

This particular clip tries to convinces the viewer that the S Pen is the natural evolutionary next step in the history of all pens. We are not so sure about that claim but it's a nice marketing campaign. The final part of the video shows that Samsung will live stream the Unpacked event on its YouTube channel for all of the Internet to check out for themselves.

We are now less than a week away from Samsung's big press event in Berlin, so stay tuned as we will be reporting everything from the Galaxy Note 4 reveal on Wednesday.

Source: Samsung Mobile on YouTube


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Another Galaxy Note 4 teaser video focuses on the S Pen


Nope, I have absolutely no interest in scrawling on my smartphone. Seems like an anachronistic method of inputting information. Nevertheless, I can see special purpose uses like one forum member annotating site inspection photos.

For me, I do find 'speech to text' remarkably useful and convenient for quick messaging, setting reminders, and scheduling.

You do realize this is the 4th iteration of the Note with S-pen and is extremely useful for note taking, drawing, mouse-like cursoring with right click, hover detection, alternative editing methods and more. The pen has a chip in it and has very different input purposes than you think. I've had two notes and used the pen regularly. The Note series is also the best "Phablet" out there.

I haven't used any other "phablet" other than the Note 3, so I can't compare. I loved it though and used the S Pen all the time. Very useful tool.

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I use the s pen very regularly. If you have no need for it then the note may not be the phone for you. I love having a post it pad with me at all times or a small notepad to jot things down on.

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Texts, yes. I use mine for photo notation and note taking. I like that feeling of writing it down.

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I do think the Note 2 looks like it would feel better.

Try going from a note 1 S-pen to the note 3. I did that and it is still world's better then the first generation.

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while not for everyone, a pen can be indispensable to some people...

for instance, there is never a time when i dont have my phone with/near me. paper and pen, maybe but probably not... a lot of times I may need to sketch something up quickly. if its a part that either I need to pick up or maybe have made, it would be much more efficient and quicker to draw it and add the important dimensions right in the pic. this wound be near impossible to do with simple text and voice commands.

some people will use the pen, a lot never will... wont make the phone any less sweet if you're not a pen user. if big ass phones are your thing, its still going to be toward the top of most peoples list.

So you must have no life to click on an article about the note 4, and then comment about how you dont like the main feature of the phone. Go back to using ur iphone whore.

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I could not disagree with you more. The traditional form of taking notes should still be important. Writing helps you remember things better than typing. Notes written by hand are more effective than notes that are typed. There is scientific proof that you learn more effectively by writing than typing.

OMG the new s pen has an illuminated tip. .. Perty cool. Or should I say "awesome" ...

(S pen does not come with illuminated tip) figures.

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Yeah it said light effect not a part of s-pen. I was disappointed when I read that part of the screen.

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Hope you all noticed the rounded corners on the phone....not the squared ones we saw a few hours ago

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That was a security case to help keep design secrets. I wish it had curved glass.

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I'm excited. Time to upgrade my G2. Glad I didn't go and get the G3 or M8 right away. But they might be my backups if the Note 4 doesn't live up to the hype. I'm sure it will though.

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The Note 4 is definitely on my short list of phones to consider. I'm still not sure I want something that big, though.

Yes I agree I thought the Note 3 was a little big until I started using it and won't buy a smaller phone ever again. I will definitely be buying the Note 4 when it releases and probably sell my Note 3 or use it as a back up.

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Spen makes the phone what it is. I ain't too bothered about all the knox with sox ain't bothered about all the rest of whizz just the pen and big ass screen.

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Look at the specs on the S5 and Note 3 the Note 3 beats the Galaxy S5 in every way even though the Note 3 came first.

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Wrong recheck the specs. Wife has the Note 3 there are ups and downs. The S5 camera is better, Note 3 is not IP67. Don't be a hater.

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My oneplus one is better than anything Samsung has or ever will make. Idk why people buy pieces of plastic from them

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The retail price of the Note 3 is $800 whereas the OnePlus is $200.

For him, perhaps that represents a fantastic value proposition when considering the comparatives.

I don't know where you come up with a $800 price tag for a Note 3. The price has just dropped to $665 with AT&T and I don't think it was ever $800. Saying the One Plus One is better than anything that Samsung puts out is just completely false. The One Plus One was just released in June and the Note 3 was released in October which is 8 months later and the Note 3 is still a better phone.

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If you dont like their phones why bother even commenting. Who cares that its made of plastic when most people use cases anyway. My GF owns the new HTC One M8 and she was forced to put a case on it because it so slippery. Plus its made of aluminum which is the weakest metal and will dent as soon as you drop it. Don't get me wrong the HTC One M8 is a great phone with a aluminum body that people cover with cases.

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The only thing the One Plus One is better than is a silly Nexus or crappy Motorola phone.

The Galaxy Note products piss all over the One Plus One so easily it's comical stop fooling yourself LuLu

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Clearly The Nexus brand of smartphones and tablets are the future of Androids. Sent via my Nexus5.

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I was at the Samsung booth at Best Buy yesterday. I plan on getting the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2", on or about "Black Friday. I'm both a musician and a sketch artist, and wanted to make sure that I could be able to do what I want on this slightly larger, and much faster tablet-I have a 10.1" that I use now.

Let's see now, who could, or would like, and want this tablet.

1. Song writers.
2. Pro musicians,
3. Graphic artists
4. Book editors
5. People who just take notes by hand.
6. Engineers
7. College students (I'd have given my right arm for this when I was in school).
8. Football coaches(Drawing up new plays).
9. Draftsmen
10. Crime sceen investigators.
11. Insurance investigators

I know that I've missed a lot of people, but well, you get the picture. A Samsung Note its something that most of us will get a lot out of.

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There you go. Finally a person in a Note forum who can intelligently elucidate.

I agree with your analysis except for "the most of us" statement.

Nonetheless, Samsung has successfully produced a device that satisfies a large enough to sustain special needs market segment.

I think the just announced Samsung Gear S Nike + smart watch / communicator / health and fitness device has the potential to capture that fairly large special purpose market like the Note.

I think these smart watches are the most ridiculous thing ever invented. Won't catch me wasting money for one.

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I agree and would never purchase a smartphone when my phone never leaves my side. But someone obviously purchases them or they wouldn't continue to make them

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Good , that is good. I use it for reading, video viewing, remote control , moving files around (from unit to SD card), viewing pictures from photo shoots, Bible reading, web browsing, reading, and reading, etc etc etc.

Boriiiiiiiiiiiing, next Samsung. It's time for new frames, front design on all your phones. They are all starting to look the same where you can't tell an S3 from S5 and thus your sales are declining.

Ian. B

Most people don't buy a phone because of how it looks but because of features. Unless your an iPhone person. Most people I know bought their iPhone because... I ask and all they say is because it's an iPhone. They can't even tell me 3 features that help the iPhone stand out besides,"it's cool". The note 4 could look identical to the 3 but have even more amazing features and I'll love it. But let's hope they do change it up a little bit. I love my g3 because of the features and the different design. I would love to try a note again. I still love and miss my Note 2, to date it's still one of my favorite and most useful devices i have ever owned.

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Point taken. Already have note 3 and will pass on Note 4. Currently using OnePlus One and Note 3 is my backup.

Ian B

Get rid of the ZERO in the One Plus One and keep the HERO in the Galaxy Note 3.

When the Galaxy Note 4 arrives then you can trash that silly One Plus One it sucks MAJOR MONKEY BALLS PERIOD.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Get rid of the zero and keep the hero? What is this, some cheesy 1980's or 1990's superhero movie? They're phones. Inanimate objects. They are not "heroes" in any sense of the word.
And he does have a point. The Note 4,from what we've seen of it, seems to look exactly like the Note 3. The S5, on the front at least, looks almost exactly like the S4 and S3. Samsung has been using the same boring, over cluttered design and interface. Besides, can you name one legitimate reason the One Plus One "sucks monkey balls"? Or does your saying it just miraculously make it true?

Totally agree, still loving my note 3. Funny but I have an iPhone 5S that I use as a phone and I use my note 3 as a WIFI phone , video viewer, reading/writing notes, view photos, as a remote control for my TV and get this as a video push to my Chromcast. Yes I push videos saved to my SD card and push them to my Chromcast and also push videos from this phone from YouTube also and view pictures pushed from this phone to Chromcast on my Big 1080 p TV screen. The functions of this phone surpasses the I phone. It is just that simple. But I am a geek and just love technology. Still have an iPhone 5S and a Ipad Mini 4G/WIFI. Go figure!

Samsung has more of the market than anyone else their sales can afford to slide a bit. Look in the mirror and say, I don't have to hate to get people to like me. Then go buy an iPhone and bah like a sheep.

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Oh yea, I'm ready. Who cares if you don't want to use the spen, who cares if you don't like the Note line of phones? I sure don't and neither do the millions of users who are going to buy it. Wanna know how much the Note matters to people.... the Note 2 is still selling at a decent reselling price and people still love it. I can't wait to see what the Note 4 will bring.

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I intend to get the Note 4 on release day. If the 32 or 64gb internal storage options are unavailable on AT&T, I'll be buying the South Korean version as soon as possible.

There was talk months back that the Note 4 was going to be Samsung's 'game changer' Note offering. That Samsung would use the Note 4 as a veritable launching board for the latest tech and advanced software/hardware. With wrap around screen, s-pen advancements and whatever else. Not hearing any of that lately.

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