Droid DNA

The fellows at @evleaks have shown off yet another leaked image render of the HTC Droid DNA, the 5-inch beast from HTC we're pretty sure is headed to Verizon. We certainly don't know all the details of this one, but the rumors of a quad-core Snapdragon Pro, 2GB of RAM, and a 5-inch 1080p has got plenty of folks on Verizon interested. 

While I still think the J Butterfly is a better name, I can see a lot of people being pretty happy should this one go up for sale around Thanksgiving, like the leaked Verizon MAP document we first showed you suggests. 

Source: @evleaks

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osubeavs728 says:

50 inch screeennnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! Take my money!!!!

CactusCat says:

Dang it! And I thought we'd be first, but alas, no... The iPad 2 was first with the really big screen. However, 50" is about twice the size of the Ipad... see here for more info.

mtmjr90 says:

50 inches! Take THAT Galaxy Note 2! =P

...I'm giggling at myself imagining people carrying around TV-sized phones down the street

dakid2k6 says:


I'm thinking the same thing. Oh man that's great. Use it as my navigation on long trips.

Rob White says:

And you can go sledding in the snow on it in a pinch! This phones a winner fellas!

MrsD. says:

Boy that brings back memories of boom boxes and parachute pants.

BlackMeddle says:

50 inch screen! What a steal! I always knew HTC had a few inches above the competition. Now I can really play Angry Birds the way it was supposed to be played.

Darrkman says:

Finally!!! A phone that my living room TV will be jealous of. Take that you 47 inch LG!!


Mweuch says:

Nice but I love my Note 2!! But I have not rooted yet!

Animus_3.0 says:

Go 50 inch big or go home!

moosc says:

Yes 50inch screen peaks my interest. At least this phone will have accessories before that nexus4. Droid rules

I love how all the comments are about the 50 inch typo haha.

Wait... this phone actually is 50 inches? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

moosc says:

Oh jerry what are you drinking tonight? Send some this way.

Linebarrel86 says:

This or the Nexus 4....

Verizon or Straight Talk....

LTE vs "4G"....

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.


I'm having a similar debate with myself now.

Keep S3 or Nexus 4...

Verizon or Prepaid...

LTE vs "4G"...

Decisions indeed.

Mac58 says:

Once you go Nexus you never go back :-)


Haha I know, I've heard nothing but good things lol

still1 says:

That was my line lol :-)

schrack3000 says:

I went from the galaxy nexus to the galaxy s 3.

drewC says:

It really comes down to whether HSPA+ speeds are acceptable where you live, work and play. I get great speed here in Brooklyn. Consistently between 12-20 mbps during the day and 20-30 mbps when it's late at night (I'm on t-mobile).

I know I'll be getting the N4 as soon as I can afford it.

The rest of the specs are not as important to me. I don't think I need a 1080p screen on a phone. Sure, I'll have screen envy when I try to compare the two side by side but I'll take my stock Android over Sense. The processor is the same, the amount of RAM is the same. HTC DNA will have more internal storage, but I'll get by with 16GB since I'm not a serious gamer.


Yeah I hear you. Even though I have a 32GB card in my S3, I only use like 2GB for music. I do have movies on my phone, but if I did go the Nexus 4 route, I would root and use USB OTG for movies. I do travel, and that is the one thing that is holding me back. I like LTE, but I can live without it, especially if I can save over $60 a month. I bought a cheap laptop for games; and it handles them pretty well. I mainly use my phone for work and web browsing: I'm sure the Nexus 4 can more than handle that.

4ekbrandon says:

Only 2gbs of music? That's like 3 or 4 cds in flac O_O

ben7337 says:

I agree, I keep most of my music in lossless, and it takes up a good 16GB of space. Plus I keep some video clips, throw in a few rom backups and it's easily 21-24GB out of the 27GB you get in 32GB of flash storage. I sold my ipod because my galaxy nexus was good enough, but the Nexus 4 is a regression back to older times. Right now the Droid DNA sounds perfect to me so long as it really gets the expandable storage and the 2500mah battery.

Just hoping the developer community shows it some love.


I know it sounds iffy, but my mp3s don't take up that much space. For me, a whole cd only takes up 100mb of space. Not low quality music either. To each his own =)

nickacs says:

I'm going to get the N4 and do the TMO $30 prepaid for unlimited data/txt till end of Dec. I'll be travelling over 1400 miles in both trips for both big holidays so it will give me a chance to test it out. Worse that happens I stop the prepaid plan and sell the N4 that's practically brand new. WIN WIN situation IMO.


You know, that's a great idea. Worst case scenario, you lose only a few bucks from selling the phone and from the $30 plan. I guess I can try out the phone without canceling my Verizon contract. Thanks for the great idea brother.

drewC says:

Let me know if you decided it's not for you after you've tried it out. I'd love to buy one on launch but I think I'll have to wait till Dec now because of Hurricane Sandy. Just lost a week's pay because of it, which is nothing compared to people who lost everything. Trust me, I feel blessed.


I will let you know how it goes. After looking over my last few phone bills, I can't see how I got brainwashed into paying them $100 a month and thinking that it's ok. I feel blessed everyday brother. I'm glad that you didn't lose much man.

drewC says:

Thanks bro.

latila155 says:

Wow 50 inches.... Thats crazyy.. Take my moneyyyy

Fraggle79 says:

50 inches!! Finally I don't have to play Draw Something on a cramped screen. But man that new Zagg Invisible Shield is gonna cost an arm and a leg.

nathy321 says:

Lmao you all r too funny

Dagoot says:

50 inches!
Do me NOW, HTC!!

Dude, Homo-eroticism aside; if you can take 50-inches, then you my friend are in the wrong line of business. Suffice it to say, there are many times of unfulfilled encounters ahead in your life!


Rob White says:

No more complaining or comparing man length on the internets after buying this phone... Just slap your opponents silly with this 50 inch sweet piece of business.

revtech says:

Ugh . . The dreaded "tablet is lagging so I hit the post button twice" syndrome . .

revtech says:

Ok, the typo has been corrected, can we now proceed with some semi-intelligent commentary? =)

bold1193 says:

Haha hell no!! Its the weekend lol everybody is loose. Thanks for the laughs guys

Sorry, as much as I like HTC, I still think I'll take the Galaxy Note 2.

PJMAN2952 says:

Why are people saying its 50 inches? Was it a typo before?

cornandbeans says:

"We certainly don't know all the details of this one, but the rumors of a quad-core Snapdragon Pro, 2GB of RAM, and a 50inch 1080p has got plenty of folks on Verizon interested. "

gafly says:

I think the Note 2 is going to win out here in the long run. People are going to absolutely LOVE the DNA's gorgeous screen for about the first 4 hours... then they're going to start looking around for an outlet to plug into with the tiny 2100 mAh, non-removable, battery.

jamdmyers says:

I believe the stats are 2500 mAh, but we won't know till announcement.

gafly says:

I've heard mostly 2020 mAh, and 2100 mAh. I have seen 2500 mAh mentioned a couple of times but not nearly as much as the smaller two sizes are mentioned. More would be better of course, especially with the screen they have on this device. Like you said, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what's actually inside.

AzD says:

I don't want to be "that guy", but the shape, the look of this phone, seems to screaming "Apple lawsuit!"

nkd says:

Apple's got bigger fish to fry in Samsung, HTC is not a big player anymore and I am sure they will be wasting their time if they go after HTC for any reason. Plus I doubt apple wins a lawsuit on design alone for this phone.

biln says:

the j butterfly is not a better name. many people would say that is a girls phone with a name like that.

Jared-5 says:

Apple is *so* going to sue! Look at this thing, you'd easily get it mixed up with an iPhone for sure!

That is, until you turned it on, and saw that it was customizable, and didn't require a $30 USB cable to charge it.

cowboydroid says:

So...basically a One X, just several months late...

This is why I'm leaving Verizon after my contract is up.

Klubhead says:

Same.. I'll be moving to ATT end of 2013.. I'd gladly buy each Nexus straight from Google..

JHBThree says:

It is nothing like a one x. This straight up eats the one x alive and still has space for an evo LTE.

At last, a worthy successor to the Droid Incredible and the Rezound!

Why a successor to the Rezound? Because the Rezound is all red inside, like one of the Incredible line of phones. That made me wonder. But then someone wrote somewhere that, up until just a couple of weeks before it was announced, it was referred to by HTC internally as the Incredible HD, or something with Incredible in the name.

tdesai4 says:

I could see a version of this becoming the next Evo for Sprint...when Verizon exclusive run out....HTC needs to take page from Samsung and release same version on all carriers....