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Update: The name of the app is changing from "Another Browser" to "Flashify."

Here's one that's going to make life a little easier for you folks who want to use Chrome for Android  as your default browser but still need to visit the occasional site with Flash code. See, Chrome and Flash don't mix, since Flash mobile is going the way of the dinosaurs. But copying a current URL and switching over to a Flash-friendly browser does a hell of a job on a nerd's workflow. David Shellabarger (aka @GodsMoon) has rigged up a little app that makes things much easier. 

Flashify works thusly: Say you're visiting a site in Chrome but need some Flash content. Just hit the menu button, then choose Share, then choose it. You'll now get the dialog box you see above, from which you can choose another browser to open that same page in. Yeah, it's three steps. But it's also easier on the brain than any other method we've tried so far.

So props to David for banging this one out, and we've got your download link after the break.


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'Flashify' lends a hand when Chrome hits an Adobe Flash roadblock


My solution was to just not set any browser to default, so every link I hit presents the option of Chrome or Browser. I may give this a try, seems like less steps than picking a browser every time.

I wish a devo would make an add in or a hack that would give us a "Share picker" kinda like how some ROMs have the "widget picker" or better to explain like google search does: you can go into the settings and choose what things gets searched and what things dont get searched. That same idea applied to sharing. Like when I click share on a picture or in the web browser half of those sharing options i will never use. I would be cool if we could just deselect them as options that pop up.

I haven't actually tried it, but I saw a review of Andmade Share on another site that replaces the default share method with a better one:

From the description:
- Share to Multiple Applications at a time: use checkboxes -> tap one of checkboxed elements.
- Reorder List: long tap -> drag the element up or down.
- Hide unused elements from the list -> enable some checkboxes and press button hide.
- Fast share to Evernote.
- Set the default email address to which your emails will be sent.

Yeah I hate that when I use chrome mainly and flash content doesn't work. Guess I'll try this method. Thnx for the tip.

what timing!! I just tried chrome again today, in hopes they had fixed flash...when I saw they hadn't I deleted it. Time to reinstall again ;)

This is a bit over the top. Just use the Stock browser or what ever other browser you use. Flash on websites isn't going anywhere any time soon and it's annoying that Chrome for Android doesn't have it. So I just stick with the STock ICS browser.

Getting rid of Flash support was a retarded decision by Google.

Sometimes it seems like AC is run by Apple people. Seriously, why are you guys hostile to Flash at all? Lots of sites still use it. Why not wait until those sites STOP using it before yanking support for it?

@JeffDenver: That decision was made by Adobe, not Google. It sucks, but put the blame where it belongs.

@Tim Adobe did not make the decision not to support Flash in Chrome...Google did that. The blame is exactly where it belongs.

All Adobe said was that it would not be supporting it in the future. Google made the decision not to include EXISTING support.

I had been using Chrome for awhile, then switched to the method ryaninc mentioned, where you clear the default and pick which browser to use. But alas just this morning I finally switched back to just Dolphin HD. I like being able to access bookmarked sites with a single swipe, or my toggles with another swipe (esp. the user agent switcher, great to be able to switch between the mobile and full version of the site with 2 touches). I also think it handles tabbing better, and I love the fact that Dolphin can actually be closed. I often find Chrome using too many background resources and have to force stop it myself.

I love the idea of Chrome on Android, and I love its prediction engine, but the fact is they need to embrace the customization and options that the rest of Android has if they want everyone to use it as their default.

I am really confused about all this. Why is Flash going away?

I just did a quick county in my Chrome browser history.... out of the 50+ websites that I visited in the last two days, 47 still use Flash. In fact, at least 20 of the REQUIRE Flash or nothing could be displayed.

Using Chrome on Android phones just reminds me of using my iPad/iPhone. :)

Flash is going away because a nerd minority are under the delusion that no one uses Flash anymore, and so it must not be needed.

Some of them also want you to be using HTML5 instead anyway. Because of this bias, they want to make the decision for you not to use flash. You know...because they know whats best for you.

That is why Flash is going away.