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A little while back we had a little contest in the forums giving two HP Slatebook X2 tablets away, courtesy of Nvidia.  It was of course a photo contest, with the subject of the photo being something you love.

We had a lot of great entries from all of you, but in the end only two could win.  After going through all of the pictures, of which there were over 500, here are the winners:

Congratulations to the winners!   Your tablets should be there soon.


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Announcing the HP Slatebook X2 contest winners


I totally forgot about this one! Congratulations! Put them to good use.

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Congratulations on winning!

I'm keeping you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure its very tough for both of you.

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Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy. And disney4life2005, I will say a prayer for you guys

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Lol I wanted to win. I went and liked the winners pics when I submitted my pic. Glad the winners didn't have boring or run of the mill pix. Congrats

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