Announcing the Winner of 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest!'

Judging by the number of entries in 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy 4 Contest', most of you can't wait to get your hands on the device, and I can't blame you. I'd like the S4 in my arsenal as well, after checking out the Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands-on, and Galaxy S4 Forums. It's good stuff, but I digress. 

It's time to announce the winner of our contest. Our winner is:



While we're at it, we'll toss in a few cases to help you protect your new S4. :) We will be in touch via email and PM to get things sorted, and will ship the device as soon as we get our hands on it!

THANK YOU to all who entered (over 16,000 entries, AMAZING!). Be sure to keep it locked here at Android Central for the latest news and developments on the Samsung Galaxy S4!

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geoff5093 says:

You spelled my name wrong ;)

lumens says:


Statusnone says:

I'm jealous! But congrats my friend.

MC_A_DOT says:

I demand a re-count ...asap

natenomm says:

Of course his name would be Major Payne...

millas says:

android central was intimidated into their decision....
I should change my name to something fearful so I can win some stuff too
Maybe bonebreaker or onetoughcookie...

bumpandrun says:

I'm going with Gunny Highway next time!


Congratulations Major Payne!~ - D

klgroce says:

Congrats to MAJOR PAYNE!!!! Lucky dog!

kenyee says:

LOL. At least his name isn't Max Payne :-)

piizzadude says:

Could not happen to a better guy congratulations


major payne says:

Thank you

major payne says:

Thxs Pizzadude

Dude, congratulations to you! That's awesome!

benurd says:

Congrats!!! I HELLA wanted to win, just as everyone else haha. I'm going to be more active on this site, so I can begin to win something...for once.

jamie says:


Sonicaholic says:


Congrats Major Payne, and thanks to Android Central for these giveaways!

xemtra says:

Gratz man!!

NICE! Dude is super active in the forums and very knowledgeable... Grats MP !

major payne says:

Thank you for the comment

marc9569 says:


tomptonite says:

Congrats on the win dude!!!

r1fo says:

I'm disappointed that it wasn't me but very appreciative that AndroidCentral hosts these giveaways. Congratulations to Major Payne! :)

way to go Major Payne.

318sugarhill says:

Congrats! I remember that dude from the DINC forums! Lucky Dog.

major payne says:

you mean the Rezound as it was my first Android phone

cbn4forums says:

Lucky guy... Congrats!

Major Payne is a Major Pain.

I'll rename myself to Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne or something.

tmitche2 says:

Congrats, I should change my name.

Derek_B says:

Congratulations, Major Payne! Enjoy your new toy!

popologuy says:

Rats! This was so much easier when I was on PreCentral! There was such a smaller pool of people to choose from!

I accept charity. Congratulations, Payne

kkapoorr says:

Congrats to you Mr Payne!

Grats Major Payne. Well I knew 100% I was not gonna win it. Its always someone from in and around the US. :)
Well next time I shall win something I guess.

Congrats to Major Payne!! I'm changing my name to Lieutenant Ouch !!! :-)

That was Major Payne in my a**

garveygibbs says:

Screw this.....I never win in your contests anyway

glazedfaith says:

Business is good! I'm super jealous.

randyw says:

Congrats! I know you will enjoy it!

Mo007 says:

Oh well one day will by my day !!
Congrats to the winner :)

Hifytech says:

Major Payne, u are so damn lucky! or was it luck?

zdn1042 says:

Congrats! Lucky lucky.

Mr Vault says:

Excellent contest AC. While I didn't win, at least the odds were better than Powerball. 1 in 16,000 isn't nearly as bad. Thanks... Looking forward to the next one.

ArtirianX says:

;_; .................... disappoint me!...... I mean Android Central....thank you for the exciting contest and Congrats to you Major Payne! ^_^


bevcraw says:

Congrats,Major Payne. webOS guy makes good.

major payne says:

Good to see another webOS guy around

Chinookman says:

Congrats "Major Payne"...better you then "General Disaster" Major F___ Up"........!

MarkSeven says:

Congrats! I'm jealous. I think another giveaway is in order. Lol

SlappyMcgee says:

Gratz you lucky dog. :P

major payne says:

WOW, I actually won!

It was a long and hard uphill battle but I knew my trusty Rezound could get me there!

Thanks to all who congratulated me and thanks to Android Central for these giveaways!

Bellelady619 says:

Hello, Samsung!!! I always bought n upgraded to samsungs, but sadly got talked into iPhone 4S, I dnt like it!!!! I can't do near the amount of stuff and apps that are free and especially I miss Bluetooth, it has the button but will only pick up your vehicle, it will not let you Bluetooth anyone on any phone because they (Apple) wants you to buy their songs or apps that I once had with my Samsung phone, they dnt tell u that when they convince u into an iPhone, that sucks!!!!! I'm not ready for upgrade yet, can't afford full price either, but by goodness I will go back to Samsung n Android, they r the best wanting the Samsung 4, or 3, or note!!!!!!!

Bellelady619 says:

Darn it, I just noticed contest today, n already a winner, I was hoping to enter n go back to the best system android n Samsung phones beats iPhone by the millions. Darn it, I really wanted to try n win, so to get off of this crappy iPhone 4S, I got talked into....,,

Bellelady619 says:

Congrats to the winner!!! You lucky dog!!!