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Let's see how long this one stays in the Market, beta or not. Thanks, Shiwy!


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Angry Frogs seems just a wee bit familiar


I'd say they copied the concept. It doesn't look like a direct rip from Angry Birds though. The physics engine and graphics are definitely not ripped off, that's for sure.

Really crappy attempt to copy the Angry Birds idea. It's nowhere near the level of Rovio's talent.

Yeah, total ripoff. Cause angry birds wasnt a total rip off of like 20 flash games made long before the iPhone. I personally couldnt care less about angry birds. It's unoriginal and less than spectacular.

A clone of the concept for sure... but who really cares? How many clones of Tetris exist? :)

Angry Frogs say they have a level editor, which is a pretty neat idea...

Does it work on the BlackBerry Style 9670? I need some kind of angry slingshot game. Rovio doesn't love us BlackBerry users :/

Funny how the comments speaking the truth get downranked lol. Sorry folks but Angry Birds is not some original concept. The theme of some birds and pigs is original but its just another physics game folks like others before it. They just did a really good job in presentation and other little touches. So I don't see why this should get pulled from the market. If it does they should pull Angry Birds right along with it.

seriously dude? do you work for the makers or something? It's called ANGRY FROGS, it couldn't be a more blatant rip off. It could at least have an original name

As others have pointed out: how many games are there with the word "tetris" in the name? Scrabble? Solitaire? Yeeeeaaah, about that.

lol i might test it tho they did add in some features , oh be on the watch for "Angry Pigs" The revenge . hahahahaha :p