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Following on from last week's announcement, Rovio has released the latest instalment of Angry Birds Seasons. In celebration of the year of the dragon, this latest batch of levels have a Chinese New Year theme, and the mighty eagle has even transformed into the mighty dragon for the occasion. Rovio's also made the mighty dragon free to use throughout this latest chapter, meaning you'll be able to unleash the wrath of the dragon to destroy levels without paying a penny.

If you don't already have Angry Birds Seasons installed, you'll find Android Market links after the jump.

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WallaceD says:

Let me tell you, I am shocked... SHOCKED at the fact that once again the Amazon Appstore doesn't have an Angry Birds update at the same time as the Market.

Sigh. That's the price I pay for wanting an ad-free product, I guess.


Totally agree!!! SMH

ba_hamilton says:

It just came out and already has more than 10 million downloads. I am a complete failure at Angry Birds. This is yet another installment of AB that I won't be able to get past the 7th level.

Danrarbc says:

Angry Birds Seasons came out over a year ago, this is an update.

And requires a data connection, so dont try playing on any flights anywhere.

Danrarbc says:

Did they make it so the game won't launch in airplane mode or are you just looking at the permissions page?

Because the data is to deliver ads.

WallaceD says:

I think he's referring to the fact that the most recent update (prior to this one) REQUIRED an active data connection to "validate" the levels. In airplane mode, it would not function.

Perhaps it was due to the fact one level was unlocked each day until Christmas, but it was annoying for whatever reason.

WallaceD says:

Oh, and BTW... update still not available via Amazon.

superblast says:

It's up on Amazon now...

WallaceD says: