Angry Birds

Just when you thought those birds were overcoming their anger issues, developer Rovio has released an update for Angry Birds, adding 15 new levels to the wildly popular game. Version 1.6.2 brings the birds underground in search of burrowing pigs in the new "Mine and Dine" episode. If you're still in the throws of Angry Bird addiction, or just bored with playing the same old levels over and over again, hit the Market link below to grab the update.


Reader comments

Angry Birds update adds 15 new "Mine and Dine" levels


I admit I was obsessed with Angry Birds for a good bit but wow people still play this game? lol I'm completely over it at this point!

Meh. I never got past the opening music after the pignic update. Uninstalled and have been enjoying my newfound free time.

Thank you Rovio.... I'm looking forward to download this version..
We need some more exciting things in angry birds, hope the "mine and dine" will be exciting....