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Rovio's latest cross-over title, Angry Birds Star Wars, has landed on Google Play, where it's available as a free download. The game, which debuts such things as "Pigtroopers" and a "Pig Star" (you get the idea), features familiar Angry Birds-style gameplay across four zones -- Tatooine, Death Star, Endor, "Path of the Jedi" (think Yoda's planet from Return of the Jedi) and several unlockable bonus stages. There's also Hoth-themed zone that's promised as a free update "soon."

Gameplay is pretty much what you'd expect -- fling birds at pigs, except now there are Star Wars things happening in the background. Later levels see blasters and lightsabers getting in on the action.

Angry Birds Star Wars is available in regular and tablet-optimized HD flavors, and both are available for devices running Android 2.2 or later. You can grab the free version above, or the £1.99 HD version here. We'll have a full review coming at you soon.


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Angry Birds Star Wars now available on Google Play


Is the HD version Ad Free?

After reading a few reviews it sounds like if you buy the paid version you have to spend another $1.99 in game to unlock Jedi levels if you want to play them. Apparently the free version plays these levels for free.

Also kind of strange is the HD version is a 35mb download while the non-HD is 44mb. Built in Ads perhaps?

I keep seeing inaccurate reviews about having to pay for Path of the Jedi levels and the Falcon. I haven't had to pay extra for either. I've just paid for the (ad-free) version on my Galaxy Nexus. You unlock these things through play. You amass Falcons by collecting stars.