Angry Birds code

The Angry Birds secret code from the Rio trailer ad during the Super Bowl has been found, tested, and decoded.  And none of it was done by me.  Credit goes out to @AndroidThrasher for the screencap, and scarbzscope on YouTube for the details.  Spoiler alert -- the code itself, and a video of the code broken and used is after the break.  Thanks fellas!

Angry Birds code


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Angry Birds secret code revealed, decoded


I don't get how they got shooting the birds all crazy unlocks the football egg out of that screenshot o_O

It was a code in the commercial to look for a golden egg in level 13-12. You zoom out or look around, I didnt see anything, I shot at some stuff, then had the idea to shoot the white bird backwards and have him drop a bomb at the edge of the screen. I unlocked the egg and went from there