Angry Birds

The wait is over, and Angry Birds is now available -- immediately at GetJar, and later in the Android Market.  Yes, the whole Angry Birds, with a boatload of levels to make for hours of lost productivity and battery-burning good time.  We can't get enough of it, and neither can you.

Oh, and it's free. Ad-supported, actually, just like the version that Rovio started handing out on Thursday. A paid version will come later. The full e-mail from Rovio is after the break, and we'll update with Market links just as soon as it's in the Market. [GetJar]

Update: And GetJar is down. See what you guys did? Hope you're proud of yourselves.

Update 2: GetJar just sent out a new link. Give this one a shot.

Update 3: And it's now in the Android Market. Links after the break.

IT’S HERE. AND IT’S FREE. After an extended period of beta testing, Rovio is proud to present Angry Birds for the Android platform. First of all, we’d like to thank you for your patience.

Why is Angry Birds free on Android? We want to make Angry Birds available for as many people as possible. Previously, many people were experiencing problems in finding Angry Birds on Android Market, but now everybody can download the game on their device.

Angry Birds will run on second generation Android devices and upwards, with Android platform 1.6 or later. Your device needs to support OpenGL ES 2.0. QVGA display resolution is not supported currently, but we will add support for QVGA devices soon.

Angry Birds Android features mobile advertising. A future update will include the option to purchase and opt out of advertisements.

To get the game now, you can download Angry Birds on your device for free exclusively from GetJar ( It will soon be available on the Android Market and Motorola SHOP4APPS, free of charge as well.

We have worked long and hard to ensure that Angry Birds gives the best possible experience on Android, and we believe we have reached our goal. We welcome our fans to see for themselves and have fun playing Angry Birds!


Reader comments

Angry Birds now available! (updated with new official link)


WoW alot of people really want this game. I think its cool they are offering a free ad-supported version. But I plan on buying it from the market. They deserve the $1

Ad supported? I don't think there are any ads on here? Maybe there will be ad supported ones in the market.

The ad-supported version you cannot download from the link above is already on the Market. Download it now from the right source!

I will gladly give them my money when the option becomes available.

I'm not sure why so many people have the mindset that ad-supported apps aren't a significant source of income for frequently played apps.
If a developer creates an addictive app like angry birds, there are several users out there where they would get more money from if that user stuck to the ad-version app.

This definitely would not apply to apps that don't get repeat use.

I agree. This game is worth more than the price. I just hope I can get it to work properly on my X10

As long as it is eventually getting to the Android Market I'll hold my criticism. I'm happy to support a developer that releases a quality product so I'm not opposed to paying for the game, within reason. But what I like most about Android Market is the fact that it keeps track of versioning, etc. and provides you the most up to date release. That may occasionally burn some people's butt but I've yet to be hurt by that feature.

In any case, I was not looking forward to looking up version numbers every once in a while. Rovio has clearly been shown today the value of their IP, put a price tag of free on it and people are rabid. Good for you, Rovio. But get that paid version in the market so I can give you your due.

But will it work on the Sprint Hero this time?
The beta version was never available for download on the Marketplace for the Hero...

It works alright on my hero. Parts of the background occasionally show up white instead of whatever color they are supposed to be. But the scrolling is smoother than it was on the beta, and it can finally be pinched to zoom out so you can see the whole thing (which didn't work for me on beta).

But, angry birds is the only reason I ever picked up my itouch over the last year, so I'm happy that it's playable and still stupid addictive.

I read an article somewhere that said they make more money off of ad supported versions than off of the $1 version but any way glad the full version is out.

They could institute the same kind of rule here as is in the forums: can't post URLs until you've proven you're a human with X real posts.

Fortunate enough to grab my copy before the site crashed. My version doesn't gave any ads and was free. Were there two versions out there that might have gotten mixed up?

Ja...and considering the veritable plethora of spam posted here, I think I'll pass on clicking on anyone's private link. No offense, folks, but I'd rather not install someone's ad engine or trojan horse. So I guess I'll wait for the market.

What might be important information: evidently GetJar has an exclusive 24-hour hold on it before it'll get to the Market.

It's not a demo, the demo only had 15 levels, this has 180+. The market version will have the same but will probably get more via update.

The Apple version has well over 260+ levels so the updates later should add those.

Also don't download from other users, the actual file is AngryBirds_1.3.5.apk, there's no "lite" or "beta" in it.

Click on that second link they gave, say to go to mobile browser.. click on the mobile browser link, and it says page is unavailable.

This site ran peacefully for years... Angry Birds destroyed it in a day. :P

New updated link takes me to a page where it wants to know what kind of phone I have -- typed Droid X from my phone and it won't accept it or go any further.

Why don't you put this on the Android Market? Would seem Getjar is just not up to it.

Tried new link again, could finally select my phone by typing DROID (not DROID X) and selecting a picture of DROID X. JEeezuus how totally UNintuitive. Now, it won't let me enter enter my phone number for SMS link.

What a piece of crap. This is what happens when people try to create a "new" deployment mechanism at the last minute without thinking it through.


Site still down including new link. I will wait for the Market to get it so updates will be easier. Strange way to launch a product (I have a feeling Google may have had the server capacity to deal with a popular download ... could be wrong ;)). Interesting week for Rovio, effectively snubbing Microsoft and then letting Google damn well wait until they work through side deals with other suppliers ;).

My F5 Key is overheating from refreshing AC to see an update that it was now available on the market. :( getjar doesnt have any love for the captivate.

Geez thanks. This has gotta be the most addictive game I've ever played on my cell phone. I just spent the past three hours playing it which put a pretty good drain on my battery (grumbles). Thank god for car chargers or I'd SOL for actual phone use.

So, when I get halfway through and then get "Download Unsuccessful" error, there's no way to restart that download so it doesn't have to start completely over again?

it is now available in the Market!! i just grabbed it and it downloaded fine. finally, some new levels since i 3 starred all 15 on the beta version a long time ago.

Finally, Angry Birds is in the market. Downloading now :)

There's no way I was clicking on those posted links or using GetJar or whatever it's called.

10 tries and it is nowhere to be found on the market. Tried the QR code and says not found! WTF????

It does not exist in the market or app brain. Anyone have a DIRECT link???

Nintendru, are you serious? I have been killing the market for a half hour and it is STILL not showing up on mine!!!

Mystro, doesn't show up on mine either. But I have a Cliq XT, so maybe it doesn't show up for 1.5 phones.

Wouldn't that be a shocking surprise..

Would if I could..would if I could. Sadly the phone 'works', or i'd have already tried to see if I could get T-Mobile to discount something different. And I certainly don't have the money to get another phone when I just got this one back in April.

Re-downloading from the market now. Figure it will be easier to update. Been playing all morning though, not a very productive day at work but makes Friday go by fast.

Jahntassa, I am on a Vibrant. All I know is this has been the WORST rollout for an app I have ever seen. And I am still not seeing it either.

Every link I try it says it isnt found. Not on the market, not on Appbrain, nothing. Lots of happy people and apparently me and Jahntassa are the minority!!!

Did you look at all the apps listed when you searched for Angry Birds? I know when I first did the search for the full app, I didn't see it. The top app listed was the Angry Birds Lite Beta. I had to scroll down in the market to find the full App.

I am not familiar with how the app market works. Do different carriers see different apps? I thought that once an app was added, anyone with an android could see it.

Has anyone else noticed that it is already installed on the SD card?

I checked under Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Downloaded to see if the option was available since it was such a large file and see that it was already installed on the SD card.

Awesome game by the way. I don't understand how people are commenting on it in the market saying the ads are obtrusive? I don't think so at all, but it might just be the large screen on the Droid X.

I am soooo happy the full version works on my Samsung Moment! I couldn't get the Beta Lite version to work at all. This game is soooo much fun and the app runs really smoothly. There is no more lag and the app now runs in the background. The beta version would have to restart if I got any calls and or texts.

I found the game in the market. The weird thing is that it was not listed at the top when I searched for Angry Birds. I had to scroll down a little bit and it was under the Angry Birds Beta Lite version which is odd. I would make sure you look through all the apps listed when you search for Angry Birds. I thought I wasn't able to find it at first either.

I would be glad to tell you if the ads were obtrusive if I could find it in the market!!!!! Is there anyone else unable to see it in the market? Is there some sort of underground trick to make it appear?

Cookie, there is no Angry Birds Beta Lite on my market after searching for it.

This is SUPER annoying! I have burnt up the 15 levels and I am ready for more, but just cant get it!

Weird. I am not sure why you can't get it then. I am not really familiar with how the app market works. I was under the impression that if the app got uploaded to the app market, then anyone with an android should be able to see it. Have you tried using one of the links provided to get it. I know that the Angry Birds Lite would not work on my Samsung Moment when I installed it from the app market but when I downloaded it from a link provided on AndroidCentral the app worked. I hope the app appears for you in the market soon!

I tried the Android Central QR Code and both links and neither turned up anything. The QR code just said "item not found".

No underground trick. I just opened the market, searched Angry Birds, and it was underneath the Beta version (probably because it is new and has less recorded downloads).

I have an unrooted Droid X running the 2.2 OTA. Is your phone stock or have you flashed any custom ROMS or other hacks? I don't know why you aren't finding it or even what phone you are using, but no need to freak-out Dude, it is just a game after all.

I am running an unrooted 2.1 on Tmobile's Vibrant. When I search Angry Birds, the lite Beta nor the new full version shows up in the store. Everything from Angry Birds themes to clock widgets, but neither game.

Is it just annoying that no link from here or any other is able to work.

Sorry, I wish I could help. I understand the frustration. Maybe everyone with Galaxy S phones are having the same problem, but I am sure it will get straightened out. The game won't go anywhere.

For those having difficulty finding it in the Market search for Rovio Mobile or click on the Lite version and select "View more applications" which should give you the apps for the developer (Note there are only 2, the Beta and the full version).

Nope, that doesn't work either. Rovio Mobile comes back with no matchces and the lite beta version isn't even listed on my market to see "more applications".

I am giving up. Too frustrating and annoying to keep bothering with it. It just doesn't appear to show for most Galaxy S devices. It doesn't show on my Captivate but I'm able to install with appbrain.

I have a Sprint hero (unrooted 2.1) and can't find it in the market. I searched for angry birds, rovio, and used the barcode with google googles (even brought me to the market but said it couldn't find it) to no avail. The getjar website didn't work so I used the mediashare link in the comments, downloaded the apk, and used Astro to install the game.. only played a couple levels and works good so far although some things are white when they probably shouldn't be.

I hope everyone reading the first posts also reads the most recent posts too. ANGRY BIRDS IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD @ THE MARKET PLACE! I also noticed a "walk through" how cool is that for AB fans?!

As a full grown man I have to admit I feel a little sill saying this is one of my favorite games... but it is. I was a game developer for 7 years so I feel like I know the good stuff when I see it. Whats really funny (to me anyway) is that my girl is crazy addicted to this game and as far as I know shes never ever played any video games in the 11 years we've been together. Thanks for everything everybody and "happy Friday!"

Whoohoo! By far the best Android game. Definitely worth a donation since they are giving it away!

prolly doesnt work for low end devices such as eris/hero maybe not cliq,theu dont have the processing power

Do you have 2.2? If so, may be a problem with your Incredible not wanting to install to the SD card. Try plugging you phone in to your computer and selecting Disk drive. Then try installing it again. It will put it on your internal memory but at least you will know if that is the problem.

You're gonna love me for this!

I screamed silently as loud as I could. (My kid is asleep)

Credit Doug8307 on Droid-Life who found it on XDA Developers.

"Just got it to work. After reading something at xda forum, I unmounted my SD card (within Settings) and tried the market. I stepped away while it was downloading and when I came back I was ecstatic to find it installed successfully. Give it a shot guys."

I cant get get this download.... i have the htc evo. I couldnt get the lite version when it came out. downloads and says "download unsucessful" every single time...... it does this with alot of games on the market and i dont understand why. So i ask how many people in this forum have the evo and does anyone kno how to fix this issue.

And yes i have restarted everything and logged out and back into gmail etc

No root. Completely stock evo even jus did a hard factory reset..... nothing. It happens with games a lot. Angry birds, spaghetti marshmallows, mini squadron all the good games. FML

Just read to try unmounting SD CARD and see how that works. It worked for me and I've had this problem for months

Loving my angry birds. Downloaded on the company wifi, took like 3 seconds then I was flinging birds on my Captivate. Passed the first 8 levels, then back to work.. Thanks Rovio.

Another Vibrant user here that can't see it on the market. I wasn't able to see the Beta when it was on there, either. When searching via QR code or AppBrain, it doesn't even recognize that it exists, or that Rovio as a publisher exists.

Luckily it's available as just the jar, but the situation seems very sloppy.

(Not that I'm complaining, we got a great game for free. But it's not a great situation to be in as a publisher, since I'm eagerly awaiting paying them for this.)

Got it today (Friday the 15th) on my EVO, straight from the market, no issues at all. Blasted thru the first 60 levels or so this afternoon and I gotta say I barely noticed the ads... If they're really making more money this way than by selling it, all game developers should seriously consider the same approach... At least for slower paced games like this.

Really enjoying it... Heh, between this and Spaghetti Marshmallow I'm set for a while as far as phone entertainment. They kinda complement each order nicely, one's all about destruction and the other one is all about construction!

Rovio should take down the beta/lite version as well, when I searched the market it showed up above the full game, along with a few themes and other crap... Though this is Google's fault as much as theirs, they should be ashamed that the market still has such weak search functionality.

I downloaded it to my SD card. Now how do I get it to show up as an app on my phone so I can play?

I tried just about every way I could think of to get it. Could not see it in the Market. The only thing that worked for my droid eris was the app brain market sync install. It works pretty good except that some of the images in the structures of the pigs is blank. But I'm still having a good time with it.

I am able to find the app in the market, but everytime I try to download it, it says unsuccessful! Grrrrr!! I had no issues downloading the Beta version. Why is this so difficult?

Site still down including new link. I will wait for the Market to get it so updates will be easier. Strange way to launch a product (I have a feeling Google may have had the server capacity to deal with a popular download ... could be wrong ;)). Interesting week for Rovio, effectively snubbing Microsoft and then letting Google damn well wait until they work through side deals with other suppliers ;).

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