Andy Rubin

Google has announced today that Android founder and longtime leader Andy Rubin will be leaving the Android team to explore a "new chapter at Google." Larry Page posted the announcement on Google's Official Blog, which delved into how much Android has grown since its inception and under Rubin. Google says that Sundar Pichai, who currently leads Chrome, will take over. Sundar will continue to work on Chrome as well as take on Android, so he will be taking on quite the workload.

It's a big deal when one of the original founders leaves Android and he will be missed. But it sounds like he has found other opportunities at Google that he would like to explore.

Where will Android go under Pichai? Leave us with your best idea in the comments!

Source: Official Google Blog

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smooth3006 says:

not sure how i feel about this. wondering if maybe he doesn't like the way android is heading?

Metallinatus says:

Android has never been better, I am sure he is proud with what his 'son' has become!

dyinman says:

No kidding. I'm sitting here with my GNex loaded up with 4.2.2 thinking "this thing feels like a premium device from this year ever since it got this upgrade!".

It's probably not a bad idea to leave on such a high note. I'm sure the Android team will miss his direction, but if he could turn Android from 1.5 to 4.2 in just a few short years, I imagine he could do a lot with other properties of Google that have been a little ignored over the years.

Though, to me, it'd seem more likely that they're working on something new and he wants to be part of it.

jaymars says:

I agree. I'm also on 4.2.2 and there's nothing out there that I see that's better.

He is being "promoted" to a position at Google X Lab.

teckels says:

Mark it down, Rubin is going to their video content team! (just a guess).

Ry says:

People are going to read more into the Chrome OS boss taking over than Rubin leaving Android.

smooth3006 says:

personally im not a fan of chrome at all.

Ry says:

I could probably get away with using Chrome OS at home. Work, however, is another story.

smooth3006 says:

on my phone i use boat browser and on w7 & osx i use firefox. i just never got into chrome. not bashing it, just my personal preference.

It's great for people who use Chrome on Android.
That's why I use Chrome on my MacBook :D

snookasnoo says:

Thats funny because people at Google use pretty much nothing but Mac laptops.

Dacian says:

That's true to a point, They use Macbooks with Linux or Windows running on them. Microsoft does the same thing, because it's policy to have all the laptops/desktops to be uniform. I work in IT and the place I work is anything but uniform as far as hardware and it's a nightmare.

hmmm says:

I agree.

brendilon says:

Chrome POS

snookasnoo says:

They would be right.

vbsoulpole says:

Obviously he was a huge asset to the team as he spearheaded massive Android growth over the last 5 years. I'm actually viewing this as a good thing. If Andy Rubin is leaving the Android team but is not leaving Google, my guess is that something big is in the works and Andy is leading it... :)

MrJazz says:


Whether he was tapped or volunteered, you can bet it'll be the Next Big Thing!

Jet300 says:

There was a reason behind Google hanging that Chrome Android figure outside of Building 45. Looks like we may find out the real reason why soon enough.

smooth3006 says:

so are you trying to say they will be merging chrome and android?

Jet300 says:

That would seem to be the logical path. When, or if it happens is anybody's guess. It kind of makes too much sense not to.

Ellett says:

Well, Microsoft is merging their desktop/notebook and phone/tablet operating systems.
How's that merge stuff working out for them?

return_0 says:

No, Chrome OS and Android.

markabele says:

I agree that it wasn't because of differences. If it was then he would probably be leaving the company entirely. My hope and vote is for him to take on the self driving car division!

Jet300 says:

Maybe he's going to take over the Glass project. Or maybe he's going spearhead the rollout of nationwide Google Fiber. AD based, internet and cable TV on the cheap nationwide! Cable companies would freak. Or maybe Google's going to get into the cell provider game .... Lots of possible answers. I guess we will find out in due time.

big_Drew says:

That was the first thought I had too...Google Glass.


Jaredshoes says:


heat3610 says:

Here we go the first step for Chrome os and android to merge. This could possibly bring the android team and chrome team together to form one team and merge the two different os'.

The question is how do they merge these two different os?

Jet300 says:

Eventually the ecosystems will have to come together. I want to run my Android apps I purchased on my laptop and vice versa.

Sered says:

My guess is the first step is getting them running on the same back-end for starters. Android's current kernel source version is VERY close to the Linux main branch.

heat3610 says:

The same goes for chrome the difference is that android runs in a java virtual machine.

Ben McDonald says:

The other question is why merge these two different os?

These operating systems are both designed for completely different goals and it would be fairly pointless to merge them. Android already has a kernel and the Chrome web browser, what else can a merge add?

The only way I can see Chrome OS being useful for Android is if it functions similar to Ubuntu for Android. It doesn't do anything till you plug your phone into a computer, at which point you get Chrome OS on the computer you are plugged into.

JobiWan144 says:

No, this is at least the second step. Getting the Chrome browser on Android was the first.

Kantankerous says:

Dare I say it? Chroid or Androme!!! Take your pick.

Nev says:

He's taking over something called Skynet in their Cyberdyne dept.

Jet300 says:


atlas9171 says:

Well played!

Darth Spock says:

oh.. damn... grab your socks! and don't forget to bring a towel.

Nev says:

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Dr0me says:

Andy was supposedly crazy and hard to work for from what I have heard. Maybe this will be a good thing for android.

Scott Nezos says:

Not always a bad thing. Example: Like Apple or not(NOT), but I sure see the difference in quality after Steve passed. Sometimes you need that driving force to turn out a good product.

sentinelred says:

Maybe he was a jerk boss like The Verge talked about in one of their videos. Both Microsoft and Apple had one, and although Andy Rubin didn't exactly resign from Google itself, just from their Android team, I'm sure Google is no exception.

hmmm says:

If they really do merge the the two chrome(the os) and android I could see him being in charge of the overall project. So, in a way he leaves the android team but will still be working with android quite heavily. I assume the term chrome os would disappear and the unified os will be called android or simple google OS since google seems to want to use their name in products rather than calling them android.

mathiasjk says:

I doubt we are going to see any real change, Matias Duarte and Hugo Barra are still on the android team

asd216 says:

There are just so many outcomes.

Android ChromeOS are merging, Andy takes over Google Glass Project, or Andy pushes Google Fiber & TV into a great new direction.

We can only speculate what's gong to happen or why it happened. Don't read to much into it and let the news tell itself.

drnggaj13 says:

its def gonna happen big year for google in 2013

vcarvega says:

Android has flourished under Rubin's vision... I am somewhat worried about what this change means for the future of Android. It just seemed to really be catching its stride with ICS and Jelly Bean.

Also, I've seen much more innovation in Android than Chrome... granted, one is a browser and the other an OS, but I hope that Android continues to lead in the mobile OS arena.

I don't think we'll see too much of a difference. Android still has Duarte and Barra.

return_0 says:

Chrome OS is an OS.

Sifu says:

Others here have said it. ChromeOS and Android will merge into one product. It really is just that simple. Those Ubuntu guys who talked about "one platform for ALL devices" were on to something. Difference is, Google can actually pull it off.

Abionic says:

A fully fledged PC based on android/chrome, to take on the macs, that would be awesome, me thinks.

noszero says:

He is maybe needing a new direction? Maybe he is burned out. My guess is he will be doing something completely different. Just my opinion but keep that chrome away from my Jellybeans cause it tastes terrible mixed!

radgatt says:

I'm still mad that I saw Google now on an apple product

eahinrichsen says:


So it does look like Chrome OS and Android will be working together. I say Chrome OS becomes a little more popular and more friendly.

dcheungyt says:

He's going to Motorola to spearhead the next generation of phones; true android experience with Motorola build and massive batteries :D

rlbrooks says:

Actually, this makes the most sense to me. If I had to pick something that Google needs to turn around quickly before taking substantial loss, the Motorola issue would be it, and I would want my top "closer" on the mound. Good thought dcheungyt.

jbern8 says:

Android needs to expand in three directions. 1) To larger and more diverse devices 2) Off hardware and to the cloud 3) To education and enterprise. They all have roots in chromeOS.

Ben McDonald says:

1) Android already runs on more diverse devices then Chrome OS.
2) Mobile devices are often without internet access. I would like to keep Android functioning as much as possible without internet.
3) The enterprise are loving Chrome OS? Any source for that?

Chrome OS is a web browser straight on top of a kernel. Nothing more and nothing less.

keithz says:

Guess this means that Android and Chrome are merging.

sjd2246 says:

As has been mentioned above it seems like Chrome and Android would merge into 1 OS. Matias Duarte said a while ago with 4.0 or 4.1 he was only 30% of where he wanted to be with Android. Some have speculated Google Now may be your home-screen someday. I like Android more than Chrome OS. And I trust Matias Duarte more so than anyone else at Google with the development of Android. We'll see what happens. I hope Duarte gets a larger role.

snookasnoo says:

This is to accelerate the merging of Chrome with Android and Chrome is on top. But it will make for something closer to a real OS that can compete with other OS' on laptops and desktops.

demiles says:

Hopefully new blood can get this turd smelling good again. Can we get a good stable build with regular updates please?

jerrod6 says:


Step 1 That big Chrome Android peers out of building 45 except that is
not the building containing the Android development team.

Step 2 The Chrome Pixel touch screen device is revealed. Such good hardware
and display but it's only a web browser. Who wants to pay for this?

Step 3 Jerry H from Android Central discovers Linux system components loaded
on the Chrome Pixel---except it's only for web browsing.

Step 4 Chrome OS is spotted with a message center and icons for Google
Now...huh?..its a web browser

Step 5 Andy Rubin manager of Android moving to more challenges, replaced
with the manager of Chrome development

Step 6 Google I/O announces Android Version 5 with updated API's and SDK

Step 7 Android Version 5.1 announced running on your phone and Chrome OS
able to execute your phone apps by connecting your phone to your
Pixel(sorry my bad).

Step 8 Google and other OEMs develop devices with more storage and features
able to store and run apps downloaded from the app store or your
your phone or 3rd party vendors and voila you have everything
wherever and however you need it, phone, tablet, Laptop, cloud, or
local storage (my bad again)

h0ruza#AC says:

Android has come a long way and currently is a capable OS. That said Chrome is complete, polished and wants for nothing so maybe its time for Android to get polished and mature.

Less gimmicks and more finesse completeness.