Eric Migicovsky, Founder and CEO, Pebble

Pebble officially welcomes Google and partners to the smartwatch market

Android Wear, the LG G Watch and the Moto 360 are the hot topic of the day. Of course, Pebble — and how they see today's news — is a big part of a lot of the conversation. Rather than speculate, we reached out to our friends at Pebble to see exactly what they think of it all.

We’re excited about today’s news from our friends at Google. When we started working on wearables six years ago, there were few players in the space and a lot of skeptics. It’s exciting to see this market grow so quickly -- enabling more interesting use cases and keeping all of us laser-focused on creating the very best user experiences we can. — Eric Migicovsky, Founder and CEO, Pebble

We agree. Pebble broke the smartwatch category wide open when they debuted their original model. When you add competition and new ideas, the market as a whole tends to get better. Compare today's phones to the HTC G1 and the iPhone 2G and you'll see how manufacturers and software developers feed off of each other. It's a wonderful thing for the consumer.

We're excited about all of today's news, but we're also excited to see what Pebble and other smartwatch OEMs do in a more competitive market.


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Android Wear announcements today have Pebble founder 'excited'


After they showed favor for apple stuff and flubbed the 2.0 launch, I wont be buying anything else from this guy.

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And yet my Pebble running 2.0.x with my Nexus 5 is fantastic now. They showed favoritism possibly because, for whatever reason, they had less trouble getting it running on iOS. Maybe there was an advantage to iOS, maybe their programmers ran into their own limitations. Whatever the case, it wasn't long before we got it, and I'm happy now. Toss out the sour grapes.

I'm not. Out of their featured apps foursquare doesn't work for a single person, ebay is useless / I can't get it to work. Actually back to foursquare its hilarious that a 3rd party dev (spoon) works better than the actual official app which never loads.

If the experience of the google watches are good enough I can dump my pebble. Sure I may miss waterproof and week long battery, but unlike the gear It will be well worth it.

Gonna have to agree with you, I love my pebble (have it on now) its just most of the apps are basically useless..I mean some apps work but god, its such a hassle to configure them. And the pebble apps crashes so often

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I doubt that he didn't anticipate this day. Based on his previous interviews, I think Mr. Migikovsky is enough of a visionary to know that this area was due to explode in all directions. It will definitely be a challenge for them to keep Pebble in play with the new user expectations and competition.

That, or some hardware manufacturer will buy them up for $19b rather than develop their own line of smartwatches.
Kind of expected Google to go that way TBH.

Liar, you're not excited, you're secretly scared shitless. You KNEW Google was gonna one day release an Android optimized for wearables and manufacturers would jump on it. You just hoped everyone would jump on Pebble first to not move on to another brand. Your brand name means nothing now.

Meanwhile, i'm drooling over the Moto 360.

You do realize they can now use android wear for their backend software, right? GW with a respinsive e-ink or mirasol display. Ooh... Can't wait to see it.

Pebble will die within a couple years unless they can come up with something superior to their current pebble offerings now they are competing with multi-billion dollar Company's that have superior cash flow and supply chains.
I was never sold on the pebble it just looks like a tacky piece of plastic with one of them 90's virtual pet screens glued on.

By the look of your avatar it's not surprising you are a fan of outdated technology. No offense.
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Why wouldn't pebble just adopt Android Wear? It would only make sense as they have no chance competing with Google when it comes to services. They can have their cheaper, less capable device alongside an Android Gear version.

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Because adopting Android Wear would do nothing to separate them from LG and Motorola. They would have no interesting gimmick or appeal to stand out.

If they're relegated to making shells and straps, what use are they? I suppose they can eek out some time until Apple announces their own watch/wearables.

I believe that he is trying to be optimistic; pebble wasn't really good with the software side although they had great ideas. Judging from the pebble app I think it will be beneficial to them if they adopt android wear

Remember Palm? the first company that successfully combined a PDA with a smartphone? Then came the competition, albeit, combined with a non-existent strategy from Palm / HP, and Palm is no more.

I wish Pebble the best of luck.

I wouldn't necessarily say Palm's strategy was non-existent (That description belongs to Blackberry). The strategy was good, but they lacked the resources to implement and adapt fast enough... That first Palm Pre was a success (In 2009 metrics) But it wasn't ready for prime time... Too many glitches, hardware issues, and lacking in features behind the competition... In this business, you have to compete, by innovating and responding,... QUICKLY or get rolled over.

Pebble could still carve a niche market for non Android devices, amongst other things. Wearables are even more personal than phones, not everyone's gonna wanna adhere to Google's standards for an Android wearable with Google services... Nor does everyone want Google's services on their wrist.

It isn't looking good tho, but at least they're small enough that they can move fast and try to adapt. Personally I think the sheer numbers of partners Google has going forward is gonna steamroll everything in that market, even if half the partners screw up the execution, SOMEONE's gonna come up with something brilliant and Google's gonna be iterating non stop on the software side. It's Android phones all over again, on an accelerated time table... And hopefully with more polish right from the start.

I wonder if pebble will adopt Android Wear. I think they will because they won't be able to compete on software otherwise.

You are correct, it isn't for me but I am entitled to comment as I see fit. So my response to you is move on also douche bag.

Oh the irony in both your comment and the other guy's comment (which appears to have 2 accounts on here).

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