Celtic Garden HD

Some of you might remember DualBoot Games from our Spring Zen HD wallpaper review, and I was so impressed with what they'd done with that wallpaper, I decided to look into another. Today I've stumbled upon Celtic Garden HD, but to mix things up, I tried it on a tablet.

Celtic Garden HD gives us just that, a celtic garden. Surrounding it are various flora, and you can also choose to add fireflies or a butterfly, too. Similar to the other live wallpaper I reviewed, there is a "randomize" option, which will pick a random option from each category you can customize every time your screen loads.

You can really define your wallpaper down to a T, choosing everything from the basin type, flora type, garden life and leaf type, and even the pot type. You can also enable touch effects, so "special effects" happen when you touch the screen. In my experience, that was having the fireflies swarm around where I'd just touched.

In terms of performance, there wasn't the slightest bit of lag on the Toshiba Thrive I was running it on, so I'd assume everyone using a Tegra-2 device can expect similar results.

Per DualBoot's pricing scheme, there is also a free version available in the Market, but it restricts access to the well-thought out and comprehensive settings menu.

More pictures and download links are after the break.

Celtic Garden HD Celtic Garden HD Celtic Garden HD Celtic Garden HD Celtic Garden HD Celtic Garden HD Celtic Garden HD Celtic Garden HD


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Android Wallpaper Review: Celtic Garden HD


Just out of curiosity, has anyone else had severe lag issues on their Tegra 2 tablets with live wallpapers? AC has posted two live wallpaper reviews lately (this one and the Captain America live wallpaper review) and stated in both that there was zero lag on their Tegra 2 tablets. From my experience with my Galaxy Tab 10.1, it lags a pretty good amount with live wallpapers running, e.g. swiping through homescreens while the live wallpaper is running. From what I understand this a drawback with Tegra 2 and its single channel 32 bit interface. Tegra 2 has been a pretty big let down for me in terms of performance.

Do you have a lot of widgets on your home screens? Could be Samsung's stock widgets are more performance intensive than others.

It's a difficult thing to avoid during development, as the current round of Tegra-based tablets are very, very fillrate limited. If you're rendering more than one pass, something that runs 45-60 fps on a phone will struggle along at 15 on a Xoom.

I'll try removing some more widgets and icons from my home screens and test. Although, I do not have that many to begin with! Thanks for your information guys, I appreciate it :) I can't wait to see some quad-core tablets in action later this year.

i just updated my incredible 2 and all of the sudden when i try to send a picture or video it has a red exclmation mark next to it and it wont send to the other person it says to have the phone change to a jpeg setting. i need help!