Watch out for Skynet

Acer UK made an official statement about a new phone they have in the works called Liquid Metal. In the release they stated the phone is going to be released at the end of October with Froyo running the show and an 800MHz CPU and 512MB of onboard memory under the hood, along with a 3.6-inch touchscreen. From what we know at the moment, and to spare some from the confusion I had, this phone features a strictly standard, commercial, aluminum-metal case and not contain any material from Liquid Metal Technologies as the name suggests although that’s not to say that as October rolls around, that can’t change, but it's highly unlikely.
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Android turning Terminator with the new Liquid Metal phone from Acer


They shouldn't be able to make a phone called "liquid metal" without using liquid metal >.< Got my hopes all up.

If there's a mod around, on all three news posts I've looked at this morning, "jorers18" has been drumming up business! Slap his wrists please until he stops ;-)