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The folks at Android like to have a bit of fun, especially when they're out of the office. Like we saw last year, they've designed a set of 85 Android pins and scattered them throughout the vendor booths at MWC, and collectors, bloggers, and Android nerds alike will certainly have a lot of fun collecting as many of them as they can. For the rest of us, who are stuck at home and not carousing the Mediterranean working the floor at MWC, well we can have some fun, too.

The +Android page wants to see your take on a pin design. Grab the template above, doctor it up as best you can, and drop a link on their Google+ post to the image. We wanna see as well, so be sure to drop a link to your picture in the forum thread we just set up so we all can have a look. For inspiration, here's a link to the 85 designs for 2012. Let's see what ya got!

Source: +Android

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Another Blackberry DUD app. On android Google Plus is BOSS.

crxssi says:

I would participate *if I were to get a pin*, otherwise, it is just teasing. (Yes, I collect pins).

Tsudeily says:

:( Wish I was going! I'd love some of them! The pirate and vampire ones look great lol.

sa7booch says:

Hello This web application can help you for collecting Android Pins :) Enjoy Yourself !