Google Chrome Theme 

If you are like me and Google is slowing taking over everything you know (in a good way), you have probably downloaded and tried out Google Chrome. One of the great things about Google Chrome has always been the custom skins. While surfing the net and checking out new themes for Chrome, one by the name of “Robot Theme” jumped out, and after taking a look at it I noticed it was basically an Android theme for your browser.

While the theme isn’t an exact Android theme, it is pretty close and pretty slick looking when applied to the Chrome browser. Check it out, and let us know what you think of it, or if you know of any other Android related themes for your browser. [via Android and Me]

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VDub2174 says:

Just downloaded it and it looks awesome!!

trenen says:

I'm using it now, it's a very nice skin. Awesome props to the designer!

sgitlin25 says:

+1 - along with the google voice extension, i feel right at home!

just realised it was maid by romain nurik i believe he is part of the google android team, ive seen him on the mailing lists.....

roger.beryl says:

Thank you it looks awesome, Guess what There is android theme dedicated to the chrome browser. So the craze is on the both ends, sort of vice versa! LOL