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Android Studio is a development environment that's been in testing since last year, and has just recently emerged from alpha status and is moving into beta. A bit part of the update is to support the Android L preview that was released at Google I/O, but Studio also has early support for Android Wear and Android TV as well. This includes templates, layout rendering, and everything else you need to get cooking.

You can check out a deep dive of the new tools in the video above. Developers interested in trying out the latest Android Studio can get installing from here, and check out the detailed changelog here. Have any of you tried out the earlier versions of Android Studio? Thinking of giving this updated version a whirl?

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Android Studio enters beta with Wear, Android L, and TV support for devs


I am not a programmer/developer but I have some good ideas (i think) for some apps. I did take some basic programming classes as part of my electrical engineering degree in college. Is this what I would need if I wanted to get started? If not, any suggestions?

Yep! While Eclipse is the standard right now, Android Studio will be the standard soon. (Kind of like Davlik vs ART). Android Studio is WAY easier to use for a beginner because it allows drag and drop changes to view for Android Apps.

Patience.. if you're not reasonably profound in Java, it will take you a while to get used to.

Tip: take your time to learn about how things like activities and fragments work, which callbacks are associated with them, why they are called and when.. this will help you get a fundamental understanding of what's going on.. otherwise it will seem magical at first.

If you're a profound Javascript developer, it's really just a matter of learning the different callbacks that the OS gives you. Good luck

I've always preferred Eclipse, but I guess I need to learn Android studio so I can program Android wear apps.

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Question: is there maybe a list of all of the Android-related videos of Google IO somewhere?
I've searched on Youtube Google IO channel, but couldn't find it.

I think the Google IO website already have what I need.
It's just that I didn't check it lately, and now it got a few videos.
I think it will get new ones soon, hopefully of all of the lectures.

I've been using Android Studio for awhile now and this update broke everything. I had to reinstall the app to get it to generate the apk file to submit to the Play store. The proguard tool is missing also.

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