The new U.S. smartphone market share numbers for February 2014 from comScore show Android made a slight gain since last November. Android grew from 51.9 percent to 52.1, while Apple gained 0.1 percentage points to hit 41.3 percent. BlackBerry saw a dip, while Microsoft climbed ever so slightly to hit 3.4 percent market share.

In hardware, Apple remains in the lead at 41.3 percent. Samsung came in second with 27 percent, up 1 point over the November period. LG came in third at 6.8 percent, while Motorola and HTC came in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Source: comScore


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Android stays strong through February with over half of the U.S. Market


Blackberry you had a great run, time to give up

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Why are they buying that crap? There are android phones for similar price. Is that because some Bollywood stars carry it?

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The Z10 was a massive failure so much that it was a billion dollar write off.

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That and bad battery, camera and it is like running a dos prompt half the time. Sure it's faster responding but it takes awhile to get it to do what you want it to.

The Nexus 4 was crap, the 5 is better but still behind imho

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

The N5 is great my man, sure it doesn't have some of those OEM features but it's a powerhouse.

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Aw... He's full of it because he doesn't like what you like. Tell me more about how his personal preferences impact you're daily life, Scott. Do you toss and turn at night screaming "NoNexus! My phone is the bee's knees!" Did you print out a pic of his username and throw darts at it?

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Yeah I agree they are done. You just don't come back from such a low market share. They will probably turn in a software/enterprise company. But they definitely won't be in the handset business.

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I'm baffled by how Samsung continues to beat Nexus in sales.... I used to switch phones every 6 months (for years). That stopped with the Nexus 4; I won't upgrade until the Nexus 6 (no need). I was immediately sold with the (damn near) instant android software upgrades.

Different people have different needs and Samsung meets more people's needs than the Nexus does. It's not that baffling.

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Correction very barebone. That and the fact that the camera sucks along with the battery, it is no mystery

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

lol, nice signature. I think the reason the camera and battery still suck is because its primarily developer's phone. Camera just needs to work and the worse the battery life the better- it will force developers to tune their apps to be more battery efficient. A little wild, I know :)

Yes and no, but I see where your going. The problem is you come out with a good os and a cool feature like photosphere, then half ass the rest of the software

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Yup, very barebone. A simple example is the lack of a restart option. Instead you have to power off, then press the power button again to turn it back on.

And how hard could it possibly be for Google to include a restart option (something that should be a default option in any OS!!)? It may not be that big of a deal for you, but it's just a small example of a bunch of little things that all add up to make vanilla Android very plain (barebones). But you say, go to the Play Store and find an app to do that? Oop, there's another little annoying tick. It can be a time sink looking for some app to do something that's already included in other OEM skins or something that would be very easy for Google to include (which they have done with some things over time). That's all assuming you actually find an app or do trial and error to determine if it actually does what you want/need.

But, back to the lack of a restart option on vanilla Android; while I don't restart my Android devices very often, when I do, with my Nexus 7 I have to babysit the process as I have to wait for it to power off, then press/hold the power button to power it back up (sure you could just hold the power button forcing a restart, but that's not exactly a clean shutdown of the OS). Meanwhile, on both my Note 2 and 10.1, I can just hit "Restart", put them down walk away and come back to a freshly booted system. No hand holding. :D

In that case Apple would be on the bottom list of sales. Average consumer wants the phone to be simple to use, work at all times and with the good looks.
Not everyone is looking to replace a Laptop with phone.
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It's all about the marketing. Most "normal" people I talk to have no idea what a Nexus is. Hell, a lot of people don't know any phone names off the top of their head besides the iPhone and the Galaxy line of phones.

+1. People know Samsung. They buy what they know and what the sales folk push them to. I think a lot of people walk into the stores with a deer in the headlights look and walk out with a Galaxy or iPhone.

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+1 my dad is a galaxy fan boy cuz consumer reports says they are the best so when I said the HTC one is a viable competitor he responded WTF is HTC, never heard of them

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Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part many of the add-ons Samsung packs into their phones, which many on this and other tech sites call "gimmicks and bloatware," the mass of individuals buying smartphones actually like. Stands the reason Samsung keeps packing more and more of these features into their phones.

I get the idea that Samsung has decided that trying to please the people on tech sites will not generate sales. Instead they have put their focus on the everyday Jane/Joe public and the result is clearly seen.

Most people still haven't even heard of the nexus much less seen one.

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And the average person isn't going to order their phone off Google play. Most are just going to run into their carrier store and buy what the employees push them to, most likely the iPhone and Samsung

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When I bought my S4, I had two T-Mobile employees on either side just ranting on how awesome the phone was. Meanwhile, my friend was pullinge towards the One but I didn't listen unfortunately lol.

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+9000 to the first sentence.

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Two words: Brand Recognition. Working at Sprint for the last two months has shown me that people for the most part only want "that Samsung" or "the iphone". People know of HTC, LG, and Motorola but their brand isn't strong enough anymore. Funny because when I show people the Nexus 5 they typically like it. They just wouldn't know to check it out unless you give them a push.

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Verizon has around a 31% market share at the moment. So right there, you have around a third of the market as not even having Nexus as a choice, let alone whether they choose it or not.

It's all about one thing. Marketing. Features, cameras, batteries and everything else takes a back seat to marketing. TW is so bloated an 8gb phone became an impossibility and the S4 launched with lag. But marketing!

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Face it, the US will always be battleground between iOS and Android where they are at their best with their best features and products facing one another. That's why it's split.
In other countries, you may have Android having a monopoly, but you may not have all the features of it available to you and the iPhone is usually more expensive where taxes are higher. Unfair competition.
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It's interesting that the android community lives by two creeds sometimes simultaneously:
"United we stand divided we fall" yet also
"to each his own"

Sometimes I ask why there's so much Apple in the states, then I remember that it's an American company...And there's alot of people that have just have that certain mindset.

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One more thing, I believe if LG, HTC, Sony, and other OEM's really want to get serious about increasing their marker share (sales), they need to stop trying to please the writers on Android Central, Cnet, Engadget and other tech sites and focus their energy and money on building a phone for the kid in little league, the teenager who is getting their first phone, the lady with a million things on her plate to juggle each day, the man who just wants a device to work without worry about if he'll drop it and damage a "premium" device.

People on tech sites scream at Samsung for having so many variations of their products, but the truth is they have a device for every person no matter where they are in life.

When a family walks into a store to buy a phone, like it or not, Samsung has something (all the way down to the flip phone) for every member of that family.

+1000. They also need to advertise more of their features, that are useful to your average customer. That samsung commercial showing easy mode has caused a few older people I know to switch from Apple.
I just saw that new htc one commercial and its just cryptic and terrible. Great phone, but until they let us know it's more than metal it will hard to convince the average phone buyer to take the leap.

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HTC cannot afford to do that, they tried and failed miserably. Remember the 'first'?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Sorry, but you couldn't be more off. The greatest device on the planet would sit dusty on a shelf without marketing. Meanwhile a great marketing campaign can make a fragile p.o.s. like the RAZR into a huge winner.

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That's the point I'm making. Why you would say I'm off base is puzzling?

When an OEM like HTC builds a phone for tech sites to ooh and aww over, but fail to produce and show how said device is useful for the average consumer then their product will stay on the shelf.

MKHD thinks the HTC M8 is great. Android Central hasn't stopped singing it's praises yet. Erica, "the technology girl that likes to film stuff" is drooling. Brian Tong has already claimed it's the best phone of 2014. That's to say nothing of the fabulous praise the device has received from Engadget, Android Authority, Ashley Esquada, and host of others. But the bottom line is that when The average consumer walks into a store to buy a phone they will purchase what they are familiar with, and the company that has the products to meet their needs.

Or just maybe they have other equipment of the same brand and they flow together unlike HTC or Motorola or even nexus. Maybe they might be smarter than all you who assume just because they have a iPhone which is solid or a Sammy they are ignorant.

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It is all about the brand, has been and always will be. Just look at the resale value of Samsung and iPhone on one side and all the other on the other side. I lost hundreds and hundreds of $ by choosing HTC, Motorola, Nokia over these two.

HTC pleases the tech sites and the nerds who like nice devices and they can enjoy their small market share.

Samsung will pick up everyone else.

Won't it be such a glorious day when HTC dies and everything goes back to normal?

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Currently a nexus 5 user and I'm going back to galaxy s or note series after my jump kicks in. While I think nexus 5 is a nice device I think galaxy meets my needs most of the time.

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