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Sharing is caring.  We've all heard that phrase before, and I'll wager that most of the time we all agree.  I think at heart everyone wants to be a helpful member of society, both online and off.  If I'm right, there's an easy way we can make an impact -- helping our fellow Android enthusiasts. 

Resolve to help thy fellow Android neighbor

Think back to when you first got your hands on an Android phone or tablet.  Remember the excitement and fun you had discovering all the great stuff you could do with it?  Now remember how frustrating it was when you couldn't find the easy way to do something simple, like add a contact or change the notification for SMS messages.  We all have been there, and chances are we had to ask a question or two along the way.  Hopefully, the answers we all got were helpful and friendly.

Now think how many people got an Android device this holiday season -- 3.7 million of them (not counting Amazon Kindle Fires).  You will meet some of these people online, and especially here at Android Central.  They are going to have questions if this is their first Android device.  Take a moment, and offer advice in a helpful way.  In fact, resolve to go one step further and head into the forums once a day and try to find someone to help.  You'll feel good doing it, and chances are you can help make someone a bit happier with their new Android phone or tablet. 

We're not suggesting you hold someone's hand and walk them through every simple little thing -- nobody learns anything that way.  We're just saying that we all need to take a few moments and offer an helpful advice we have to our neighbors in need.  Try it, chances are you'll like it.

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Android Resolutions: Resolve to help thy fellow Android neighbor


I agree, that's how I started out, and AC was helpful.
I once helped a guy IRL at a bus stop in San Francisco.
I was checking my emails while visiting the city and waiting for a bus, and this guy just got a new Android phone at a Metro PCS literally behind the bus stop, he couldn't figure out how to unlock the phone.
He asked me if I knew, I walked him through unlocking it, advised on setting a PIN, etc.
Felt better doing it, and he appreciated it.

My advice is never touch their android device. Have them follow along on theirs, while you show them on yours. People learn by doing.

Besides, he who touches it last acquires all blame.

I asked all of my friends who have an Android device if they needed any help or had any questions about it when they first purchased it. Many of them had different questions about the device so I gladly obliged, it also gave me an opportunity to let the Android nerd inside me out :).

I agree. I sold a co-worker my 7" galaxy tab and spent 30 minutes with her in Starbucks showing her what it can do and how to do it. It really improved her enjoyment.

I helped a woman at the library today. I sideloaded the Overdrive app into her Kindle Fire so she could download ebooks from the library's digital collection. I had to hold myself back from rooting the thing!

Helped my Dad with his Mytouch over the holidays. Was pretty fun teaching him how to do things that I learned over the years. Getting him to get his contacts on Google instead of the SIM card was fun, lol.

I enjoy showing people how to get the most out of their devices, even *shudder* iPhones. I know the OS from my days of carrying a iPod Touch because the music players on Android were so terrible (not so now thanks to PowerAMP).

Great idea to hop on in and offer some help! Pay it forward sort of thing will just make Android grow more and more. I've seen 2 people at work go from Android to iPhone already...

When I got my Optimus in September, it was my first Android anything. Instant love, but it was tempered by a problem with my phone repeatedly freezing. That might have been the end of the infatuation if it weren't for a fellow around the forums who spent time troubleshooting with me and who eventually pinned down the problem. In that case, it was my wifi settings – it was shutting down every time my phone went to sleep. All that waking and sleeping, of course, was causing the problem. Been all systems go since, thanks to a stranger in the forum.

I don't know much about Android in the grand scheme of things, but it seems like where I live Verizon is putting DInc 2's in people's hands like hotcakes. It's so weird showing people things I think are so simple like saving numbers as contacts, moving widgets on the home screens, and problems that usually can be solved with "Hit the menu button and see what you can do."

I could not agree more about using the menu button. that is the first thing I tell my customers about getting their new android device. And my mom. Haha

At work, I am known as the guy who can root your phone for you. I have done a Galaxy S 4G, OG Droid, Evo, and some time next week I get to try a Galaxy Tab 10.1. I keep close tabs on whatever phones people around me own, and do my best to help make sure they have the latest updates. I can't count how many times I have posted links relevant to people's phones on Facebook and they go "Wow, thanks, but how did you know I have *insert phone name*?". I just want to make sure everyone can get the most of their devices and continue to enjoy them.

Every since the G1 I have been an Android Genius! I still have much to learn that is, but when i'm helping my friend with his Evo 3D or my other with sister with her myTouch 4G I will not ever leave them hanging with any of there problems. Heck I even help out my iPhone buddies (a geek has to be universal ya know)