As we get set for the Honeycomb event today we figured we'd share this awesome new live wallpaper with you all since, this event is the reason it was created. Honeycomb wall is a new live wallpaper that is now available for download in the Android Market which adds an embedded calendar and clock to your home screen as well as plenty of honeycomb bees that fly around. If you opt for the donation version you'll get some added features:

  • Buzzing, touchable bees
  • Battery level indicator
  • Set own image background
  • On device editor to change bees location, size, etc

All in all it's pretty awesome to say the least. The donation version does cost $.99 cents in the Android Market but that's a rather small price to be paying for something this cool. Video and download can be found after the break. [Android Central forums]


YouTube link for mobile viewing


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Android Quick App: Honeycomb wall live wallpaper


Under App Brain, the donate price is only $.75 which is a little better deal. Still a very cool live wallpaper, but I just wish it didn't include the time, day, and battery %.

When I grabbed it, it said $.77 at check out then $.99 total. Might have been crazy Canadian taxes or whatever. Either way, it's well worth whatever it is. :)

Bought it!
It says $.75, but it actually costs $.99 when you check out.

Aaaaaaand refund. Very sluggish on my Incredible.

Yeah it's .99 at checkout. I like this a lot, but I wish you could delete the clock and date, I use Sense and already have a clock widget front and center, don't need it cluttering up the background as well. If anyone figures out how to get these off please post, they seem to be locked from what I can tell.

Unfortunately I had to turn this off.

If you can't run your work through a spell-checker (It's performAnce, not performEnce) like big boys and girls, I won't trust that everything else wasn't done in a sloppy manner.

Well...there is a video along with the description. Spelling errors are not good on a website, but I think your conclusion is a bit extreme.

Choppy even with Nexus S.
How come it runs fine in nexus s in video?
And you can move locked items, you need to unlock them with eye icon up top.

Even with the performance slider turned up to 30 this is till choppy, and at that setting it would probably kill the battery anyway.