Remember those days when you always needed a phone book to look up a number? First you had to find the phone book, then find the number, hope that number was the right number and so on. The developers for Android Yellow Pages remember that well, so they reinvented the phone book for us. 

This simple to use App, goes right off the your GPS to help you find the searched location. There's also the option of doing a voice search. Free [Market link]


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Android Quick App: Android Yellow Pages


@ghooper75: judging by the screenshot (matched in the Market), the correct name of the app is just Yellow Pages and it's by Yellow Pages Directories. Market icon is yellow square with striped blue "fingers doing the walking". Market comments aren't too good, though. People reporting force close issues, locations way off, major business listings missing, no landscape view, etc. US Yellow Pages Search seems to have much better reviews in the Market. NOTE: I have not tried either app. Simply reporting what I noted in the Market.

Search only keyword "yellow" and both should come up in the list. (hint: if you make your keyword searches too specific, often you'll eliminate what you're looking for)