In a day and age where nearly everyone carries credit or debit cards, sometimes finding someone to buy items in cash can be a bit difficult. Google Checkout has announced that you will now be able to use Android powered devices to accept credit card payments on the go. Now, this payment method is far from conventional, and won't work for everyone out there, but the concept behind it is rather brilliant, and certainly a good step in the right direction for those of us in need of this functionality. So, if you tend to sell things at markets or any other independent type store, check out the full scoop, and what you need to do to get all set up right here. [via Google Checkout Blog]

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Execute says:

Random square card reader fail comment.

Also, still waiting for mine.

jcmyers79 says:

Square seems like it would be easier. Am I wrong?

likwidsoul says:

Pretty soon your going to see visa and MasterCard logos on doors in the hood. Lol

icebike says:

Fairly Obtuse now, but this is just the start.

I imagine that soon you will be able to transfer money from phone to phone by just shooting the QR code displayed on one phone's screen with another phone as long as both have Checkout accounts.

Paypal wont know what hit them.

icebike says:

And just in case you wondered, yes, shooting that QR code will take you some place... Sheesh, I almost bought something.!

stalker says:

can I use it from india?