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Experiencing issues with the Android Market this morning? You are not alone as it seems a wide variety of users are experiencing the same. It either works, or it doesn't users are reporting, doesn't seem to be in the middle for anyone, either they have luck or they can't purchase. Hopefully it's just something minor that Google can get up and running quickly, but keep your eye on the source link and here for more updates!

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Android Market problems? You're not alone


Anyone else still having issues with the market? I have installed apps that show up as having an update but the apps doesn't show up in "My apps" list. When I try to update them, I get an error saying that the app doesn't exist. The apps are still on my phone and I'm using them, I just can't seem to update them. Any suggestions? Thanks.

i have been experiencing this all morning, cant create order, or order failed try again later..... sucks cuz i dont want to miss this opportunity

Same problem here. Hopefully they'll either get it fixed before the end of the day, or at least extend today's $0.10 apps to tomorrow along with the new ones.

yeah, rebooting nor clearing cache didn't work for me. Just had to wait it out i guess. but i got what i wanted and so did google.... my $

phew thought i had an issue with my account...managed to buy paper camera somehow and no luck since

Same issue here.
Also, when I bought one it almost went through then it errored out again. Now the app has the ten cent buy button and a refund button that both don't work, and no download button! :(

Well now it went through for the one that had the buttons stuck, but it still won't buy other apps!!

I thinks it's Google Wallet. I keep getting a server error trying to update my details on GW. And I am also having trouble buying the $0.10 apps today.

Seeing similar things on the developer side as well. Keeps routing me to Google Wallet. The optimistic side of me wants to believe this hopefully has something to do with Google Wallet/Galaxy Nexus?

Does anyone else keep see 11, ten cent apps?
shazam encore
sentinel 3
baseball superstar
spirit HD
Jelly defense
paper camera
my beach HD
farm frenzy
Toddler spanish
Game dev story

I bought NFS Shift a while back, mayble last holiday season when some EA games were a dollar. It isn't showing up on the website list for me to buy again. It is showing as purchased in the market app.

And I can't buy apps through the website nor the android app, or even get the free song of the day from teh market.

I CAN get the T-Mobile free songs though! This is wierd! And I just tried getting Game Dev Story and I still can't get that app. I guess the T-Mobile free songs are 'bought' through another method than is normal in Android Market.

Okay, so I'm not the only one then. I figured it's because of the 10 cent apps. I'm sure the Market is getting hammered because of some really great deals there.

BTW, has anyone else noticed slow downloads? I 2mb download took over 5 minutes from the Android Market and this has been going on for the past 4 days. Makes me wonder if it's because of the 10 cent apps because I can download from other places, and it's fast, for 3G anyways! ;)

Am in the UK. Please can someone explain why my galaxy tab accesses the US. version of android market (with prices in dollars) and my galaxy S phone accesses the UK version with prices in pounds?

I agree! I would think that they should extend today's deals into tomorrow to help cover this.

Then again, If people are looking at this today's list of 10 cent apps, they would have the names of them in their head tomorrow and might just buy them regardless of price.

But to help the Android customers, They should see if the developers who had apps available in previous days are interested in putting them up again for another day for a dime.

tried purchasing boot manager a couple times before lunch but was un-successful. after lunch, i pull out my phone to see that bootmanager actually installed during lunch time. there goes my 15 minute trial (not that i needed it it)

Mine double charged me for NFS Shift. Weird. It charged me at 11:15AM then again at 11:20AM. I kept trying even though it failed. Another odd note, I bought Paper Camera and even though it failed it still downloaded, installed, and charged my bank account. I think there will be a lot of refunds in the near future.

I was not able to purchase the apps by billing my credit card. But as soon as I chose to bill my carrier (T-Mobile), the purchases went through. I got NFS and Shazam. Hope this works for you too.

I just got in the darn thing after banging on the door all morning.
Picked up NFS Shift for .10 !!

I used a cached page to get to the link...

Last night I tried to update (over wifi) a simple, free app and it took something like 10 MINUTES! Not sure if it is related or not. Never seen something like that happen before on Market.

Okay, maybe that answers my question about slow 3g speeds from the Market. It took over 5 minutes yesterday to download a 2mb app, which is usually not the case.

Today, it took over 20 minutes to download an 11mb app. But, this seems to only occur when doing it from the Android Market.

Are you still seeing this today even over WiFi? Might explain why I'm seeing such a slow response when downloading.

I can't get it to work at all from the PC browser; however, it works about 10% of the time on the phone. I have been trying over and over until it works. Hopefully, I won't see multiple charges for the same app.

I was able to buy two (Sentinel 3: Homeworld and Spirit HD) via OPERA and my HTC Flyer. Even though it didn't work on my home or work computer.

Hell I was getting worried that my card issuer may have thought that my purchases were fraudulent activity given that there are a ton of $.10 purchases within that small time span. Makes me feel a ton better!

As a developer, I haven't seen any sales today (usually I get about 5+ a day), and checking that figure in Google Checkout has been slow or tossing me errors.

If you've got a data connection it's the market more than likely. Check your wifi icon when you try again. If just to the right of the icon shows yellow arrows briefly it's not your connection but on Google end

please i have " sony ericsson xpria x10 mini pro" , the android market not working
i'm trying to open it it asked for google account and when i write my account details it takes a few mints and said it's doesn't work temporary and tell me to try later if it doesn't work then i must call the my service provider or something
please help me to fix that ... i'm soooo disparate and i don't know what i supposed to do.
waiting for a respond,
thank you