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Is the Android Market acting up for you? Updates not installing? Can't connect? We've heard from a number of you, and you're not alone, as some of you half sought help in Google's forums, to. We've reached out to Google for some assistance. But in the meantime, Alphabets in our forums offers some help. Go to your main settings>applications>manage applications>Market. Then choose "Clear cache" and "Uninstall updates" and give things another go. Let us know if that works for you.


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Android Market acting up? Try this ...


i gave this a shot and i still can not connect. i hope Google responds to Android Central. i am going insane....

Something else that helps if that doesn't do the trick: Make sure google talk is running. Strange but true. Really.

And if you use a process killer, be sure to make an exception for both google talk and the market so neither get killed.

i Have had some small connection issues here in Colorado Springs(BUT ONLY in the weak signal areas),Rather then that no problem in the 3g spots around town.

No luck here. Had the problem since yesterday. I've wiped my phone, unrooted, factory reset...everything and no luck. I had tried the above solution earlier and it didn't work and now I can't repeat it.

Nope, not working. And strangely enough, the only thing that cannot be updated is the new Google Maps. It just plain refused to download, so that might be an issue. I've tried with 3G and over Wi-Fi, no good on either.

Can someone explain why I would want to remove updates?
Does this only remove them from the list and not from the phone?

I'm on T-Mobile with a mytouch 3g. Had this problem for about a week before it seemed to solve itself. Even tried a factory reset to no avail. Definitely must be a market issue on Google's side. Everything works fine now so some might just have to wait it out.

when i get this problem... i try two things...

first, i make sure that google talk is open and logged in...
second, if the above didn't work which does most of the times.. i just restart the phone..

Mine has been acting up, asking to update things that are already updated, not connecting... but it always eventually works...

(moto DROID user)
in addition to this problem, has anyone noticed that if they set a gallery pic as ur wallpaper, and use the Google search widget...the next time you try to use the locks up at the top, and cannot move it or if u click in the text field it seems it's not showing what you are typing??

It just happened to me, I installed an wallpaper app and set it but i'm not sure that had anything to do with it. reguardless I think its a google issue.

Its working for me on the East coast with verizon but today I had to warranty my Droid incredible and when going back in to download my apps , Google Earth is not showing anymore for me to download ?? Can anyone else tell me if they see Google earth in the market ???

Still not working for me... its going on 48 hours without the Market and I think that I might go crazy! Nothing in my market loads, it stays at a loading screen for about 30 seconds and then will have a popup that reads Server Error: Retry or Cancel and go to the previous page. Everything else works perfectly on the phone though. I have a Moto Droid btw... FIX THIS GOOGLE A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE HAVING THIS ISSUE AND YOU WON'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE IT!!!

UPDATE- 4:24 EST on 5-12-2010... market is back online! Horray! I just hope that if this ever happens again, Google will tell us whats up just like they do when there is a problem with the gmail app.

Another one of those clowns who wants a personal email from google any time something goes wrong anywhere.

People: grow the hell up and stop demanding acknowledgement. Its not that big of a deal.

Here is how I solved my issue with Market.

Background: I am able to access the Market on my home wifi network, but I was not able to access the Market using 3G.

When I got home from work, I turned on my phone's WiFi connection, then went into wireless settings and selected my active network connection and chose "forget network" from the popup menu. I then turned off WiFi and was able to access the Market via 3G.

In my case, the Market appeared to be thinking it was using a Wifi connection even when it wasn't available and ignored that 3G was available.

Keeping my fingers crossed to re-add my WiFi connection that I previously "forgot".

I think i may have found a fix well it worked for me at least. I went to Google Maps and then selected menu then more, then switch account. i had created another gmail account during this. i then signed into my second account under the maps. then tried the market and low and behold after a few seconds the market worked. i then went back to google maps and changed to my primary account and it worked fine from there.

I was able to solve my problem with the Market by rebooting my Droid. (removed my battery and then placed it back in the Droid).

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ahhh,...tried all the above suggestions guys, Market still force closing on me :'(

Noticed Market FC'ing after recent Maps update. Did the usual clear cache > uninstall updates and even maps to no avail.

Anyone got any other ideas as this is ruining my mood! LOL


Had trouble updating Google Maps yesterday. Turned the phone off overnight, and today, it downloaded and installed the update no problem. Not sure it will work for everyone, just another data point.

Droid Incredible on VZW.

My issue with searching for apps on the Droid comes when you try & search from a web browser rather than a mobile device. Android for example has a very limited approach through web browsers(hate that). I have come to the conclusion that if I want to search apps on my laptop, I should use other marketplaces. I found the Facebook, AIM, & more on a site called

Doesn't work to eliminate the not installed list for factory apps I've removed after rooting Gingerbread on my Epic 4G. The clear data button for Market is inactive currently.

Uninstalling the market update then letting it automatically reinstall did fix it missing the apps I do have installed in My Apps.