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Analytics firm ComScore just released a new batch of numbers, showing Android extending its lead over, well, everybody in the United States for September through November of 2011.

Out of the 91.4 million smartphone subscribers in the United States, ComScore says 46.9 percent -- about 43 million give or take -- have Android smartphones. That's up 3.1 percentage points from the June through August. Apple, meanwhile, saw slower growth, at 28.7 percent (up from 27.3 percent for the previous period).

Those were only platforms to see growth -- RIM was down 3.1 percentage points to 16.6 percent, microsft fell a half-percentage point to 5.2 percent, and Symbian down three-tenths of a percentage point to 1.5 percent. WebOS was a no-show.

Source: ComScore

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radgatt says:

Cool. Android FTW!

keith2k1 says:

Its the better OS

GrillMouster says:

So, even if every single BlackBerry user were to switch to IOS, Android would still be ahead. With the iPhone now on more US carriers, I fully expect iPhone market share to grow in the US as people become eligible for upgrades. Still, it's doubtful that growth will be enough to bridge the gap. Android phones cover the spectrum of price ranges from free (subsidized) to expensive.

l00natic71 says:

I think that IOS has reached its saturation point. If you look at it's market share, it has hovered close to 30% for quite a while. On the most part, I think that most the people that want an iPhone, already have one.
I guess we'll see after 2 years on each carrier. I guess one-ish more for VZW and 2 for Sprint.

blz2 says:

webOS is the best OS, it just never got proper hardware. I've liked Android since I made the switch, but webOS was so much better. Notifications, switching apps, was all better.

Daniel0418 says:

Yeah about 1% of the market agrees. Sorry i had to. I guys blame marketing but just about every android device that has come out has sold better than the palm webos devices. I dont think it was better. It just had good ideas. And the man who was behind it all is now working for google so... yay!

FrasierCrane says:

Thank you for using "percentage point" consistently throughout this article. It makes a difference!

--This post brought to you by the Society for Writing About Statistics Like Educated People

TenshiNo says:

I have a sneaky suspicion that Phil is also an XKCD reader ;)

I'm loving that new Android lol. Creative!

makaveli28 says:

I personally like Android over iOS. My GS2 is way better then my wife's iPhone 4S as operating system and hardware IMHO. Not that I hate apple but how can you release the same phone with SIRI and sell millions is beyond me. I honestly think they went wrong not releasing a phone with a bigger screen.

TenshiNo says:

If you read the commentary (even on the Apple fan-boy sites) the day the 4S was announce, you'll find that a lot of Apple users agree with you about the screen.

Apple's afraid to make the change, because then their app developers would have to deal with different screen sizes. I still say that's the reason most of the "big" game titles come out to iOS first: it's easier for the developer to program for iOS and only have to deal with the very slightly different hardware, start making some money and *then* tackle the Android version.

Like I keep saying: "Choice" is both the best and worst thing about Android.

Wouldn't have it any other way, though. I love being able to customize everything until my fingers bleed (not really), even if that means the iOS versions of games might come out 2-4 weeks before Android. All good things are worth the wait :)

spectre13 says:


Treknologist says:

But wait, wasn't the Android-killer (aka, the *phone 4S) supposed to stop Android's growth and raise the bitten fruit's market share some astounding number? ;) I guess that did not come to fruition (see what I did?)

TenshiNo says:

LOL. Only if you were some pie-in-the-sky, uber-optimist iPhone fan boy :) I was LMAO when that one guy predicted that Apple would sell 100 million phones in "the next few months" after the 4S came out.

Considering Apple just hit dual core with the 4s, a good 6 months behind Android *and*, (you really have to dig for this info, cause Apple doesn't advertise it) the CPU's still down-clocked to 800 mhz.

Everybody's like "it doesn't matter, cause iOS is so optimized". Well... it's still gonna matter when it comes to raw processing power for games. And here we Android users are staring down the barrel of the first quad-core Android tablet hitting market (about a week ago, and it sold out in something like two days) and the first quad-core phone. I'm expecting HTC to unveil that bad boy in Jan/Fed at CITA/MWC.

It's a good time not to be a brain-washed Apple fanatic :)

I liked the fruit pun, too, btw. Well played :)

Treknologist says:

Glad you liked my fruit pun. :) You know, of course, that we will hear the same story again when the *phone 5 gets released. By then, Android will have over a million activations per day!

T72018 says:

Android will continue to dominate now until at least some other OS comes out that is at least comparable. Apple will continue to to inch market gains and ultimately disappear!

T72018 says:

This is Androids market, not anyone else's!

ram5772 says:

Until webOS rises from the ashes that is.

jrstinkfish says:

Rise back up to 1% :)

Unibrow says:

rise back up to the category of "other" you mean, right?

kinster02 says:

WebOS is in a race to the bottom with Symbian and the good news is their ahead or shall I say "DEAD".

If android can do this amount of damage in 2011, wait till 2012 when most android devices get ICS, now there will be more damaged.Oh and Jelly bean might even bring more trouble for IOS if we it starts to tease which there is great possibility it will.

BlackBerry keeps losing 1% a month. 16 months to go until the last old guy loses his license and phone.

Apple will hit saturation as they run out of people with small hands.