Android 32GB microSD card 

If you were thinking about shelling out some serious jing (translation: spending a lot of money) on one of those new 32GB microSD cards, you might want to hold off for a little bit. Google confirmed to CNET that Android can't actually format a card that big, which could lead to some trouble. The good news is that a fix is on the way and "will be part of our next over-the-air update." Google didn't say when that might be. [CNET]

Update: Yes, folks, let there be no confusion: You in fact can use a 32GB card. Never said you couldn't. You just can't format it. It's not a huge deal, but it's something that needs to be fixed.


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Android doesn't play nice (yet) with 32-gigabyte microSD cards


Can the 32 Gig Micro SD card be formated by another non-Android device and then used in an Android device? or does it have to be formatted on the Android device it will be used with?

Ya , That was my question. If the card is formatted in a windows machine fat or something and then put into the device, will it recognize it and be able to use it. If it can. Then I can wait for the ability to format the card and still buy the card.

Seems like AndroidCentral would have included this little snippet from the linked CNET article...

"That means anyone who wants to use a 32GB microSD card needs to format that card from their PC, which also means they will need to acquire a microSD card reader unless they have a system with a built-in reader."

Why? 32Gb SD cards are still essentially a pipe dream for the average user, so the fact that it has a bit of a problem formatting, not reading the card is a nonissue

Newsflash - all software has bugs.

I don't see why its such a big deal - there's a simple work-around. My guess is when 2.1 was being developed 32 gig parts didn't even exist, and thus were not part of the QA suite.

Sounds like a minor nuisance, not a significant issue.
Most, if not all, of these cards will come preformatted FAT32 anyway.

Good God Google...In this day and age, to limit storage memory, not to mention having to store apps on limited memory phones, is just plane assinine. Knowing Google, and of course the carriers, it may be a year or so, probably longer, to get this out. By then, 64 gb cards will be out. Hopefully they will plan for that. NOW.

Why does Google see fit to dictate what we need or want?

Calm down its a bug not an intended limitation. This article is a major fail because it doesnt mention you CAN use 32gb card, you just cant format it. It is a bug that will be fixed. If you want to see what its like having someone dictate what you need get an iphone.

This article is a little misleading. I never use my phone to format my memory cards, I also format them with my computer and then stick them into my phone anyways.

FYI, on my Linux box (Fedora 12), I mounted the card via USB, then launched gparted, unmounted the partition using gparted, and when gparted rescanned, it found the unmounted, yet attached, 16gb card.

Now, I didn't actually format, so... YMMV.

Q: can I relabel the card so that it mounts with something more meaningful, instead of a bunch of numbers, with no ill effects?

I suppose I could back up the card and try, but don't want to make the effort this a.m...

Maybe that is why I have spent hours raking my brain and putting music onto my 32 giger just to find out that the music player says it dosent play that type of file and when I reboot the phone my 3 gigs of music gets wiped out and then there is a folder that maned Lost and it is full of files and only have numbers for names but each one of them is about the size of an mp3. So I was thinking I had a bad card. So maybe I will try to formatt it on the PC first.