Android at CES

Android Central @ CES

It's time. We're headed to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 3,295th Consumer Electronics Show. (Not that many? Fine. Feels like it, though. Anyhoo.)

As we've previously shouted from the rooftops, we're cranking things way past 11 this year, going far beyond our usual coverage both as Android Central, and as Mobile Nations as a whole. Once again we're teaming up with John and Cali (and all their awesome behind-the-scenes support) from GeekBeat.TV for a full week of live coverage and interviews once the show floor opens on Tuesday.

But we just can't wait. Head to the Android Central CESlive hub and you'll find all the pre-announcements already underway. And for us, the live coverage begins Sunday. (No rest for the wicked.) You don't want to miss this. All the announcements. First looks. Liveblogs. Random stuff you can't find anywhere other than CES (and Las Vegas, for that matter). It's all going down over the next week. Just look for that little Lloyd and CES icon, and you'll know you're in the right spot. (And click it for a quick link to all the coverage.)

Come meet us at CES! And that's just the beginning. If you're at the show, we'll be set up just inside the lower floor in South Hall. (You won't be able to miss us, actually.) Swing by and say hi.

The Wednesday night meetup! And for the really adventurous, we've got Wednesday night blocked out for some major meetup action with all your favorite Mobile Nations and GeekBeat friends. Get all the details here.

The sponsors! And mad love for Seidio, Vizzywig, QNAP, Ustream, NewTek and the CEA for helping make all this happen.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. We'll see you from the strip.

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No, thanks.

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Phil, please have Ms. Lewis call me when she has a moment. kthxbye

I can't wait for Samsung's session! :)



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The things I'd lick out of her navel



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I'll come say hi!

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Where is the body that belongs to those creepy fingers on the left side of the image?

The guy in the blue jacket, maybe?

Wicket says:

looking forward to all the posts to see what's been cooking for 2014! :)