Nathan Stewart

This week's Android Central photo contest winner is Nathan Stewart, who brings us this light and healthy plate that's as beautiful on our screen as it would be on our table. Nathan used the portrait mode of the stock HTC Amaze 4G to take this one, and we can see what good camera hardware in the right hands is capable of. Thanks, and congrats Nathan, keep an eye on your inbox and I'll contact you about your prize.

Our inbox got filled with mouth-watering pictures for this past weeks photo contest, and we're still hungry from looking through them all -- you guys know good food! Some of you folks must be professional chefs, or you should be. Sorting through it all and picking the winner was difficult, but we found the best of the bunch, and you can see the runners up (in no particular order) after the break. Be sure to have a napkin handy, they all look delicious!


Courtesy chrisgnzalez90; taken with the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket with the Vignette app


Courtesy DickPills; taken with the HTC EVO 4G


Courtesy DroidNinja; taken with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Karim Bacchus

Courtesy Karim Bacchus; taken with the ASUS Transformer Prime

Mitch Franco

Courtesy Mitch Franco; taken with the HTC Sensation 4G

Peter Daly

Courtesy Peter Daly; taken with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus using the Shot Control app

RIchard Maltz

Courtesy Richard Maltz; taken with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Romeo M

Courtesy Romeo M; taken with the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX


Courtesy Sophos; taken with the Samsung Nexus S using the Camera FX app


Courtesy Trap49; taken with the T-Mobile G2


Reader comments

Android Central weekly photo contest winner: Food


This is your winner? Photographers everywhere are screaming from the god awful lighting on the winner...its so blue!

I am so surprised that wasn't a finalist with an assembly of a Cupcake, Doughnut, Eclair, Frozen Yogurt, Honeycomb and an Ice Cream Sandwich. I was going to, but assumed there'd of been a ton of entries with that theme.

Oh well...

Karim Bacchus Should have won, if for no other reason than he had to hold his transformer prime up over the food to take the picture and not drop it in.